Atomic Blonde Hallowe’en

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I’ve always loved dressing up and Hallowe’en is my favourite holiday. This year was an ode to Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde. Badass. Stylish. Cool. Strong. Smart.

What is your fave costume, past or present?


Live it Out – A very gay weekend

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Live it Out -  A very gay weekend

Coffee at Ricardas, the Inland Art and Fashion Pop Up, local designers, Hotdocs Film Festival “A Better Man,” and comedy at night at WE’RE FUNNY THAT WAY, and the launch party for InsideOut film festival 2017

Sintra in the Mist, Lisbon and Experimental Film – Portugal day 12


It started with croissants and coffee, then an Uber ride to Sintra with a driver who knows the small town, Itumbiara, where I used to live in Brazil, and a ride into the fog-dipped town of Sintra. It was drizzling when we got there and amazing to see what a difference an hour could make, as the fog lifted. Parts of the town had art spaces, deliberately, while others were a little magical all on their own. 

Sunshine and amazing views. 

We took a tuk tuk up to the summit to see Pena Palace and saw a lookout point where all three of Sintra’s castles are visible at once. 

Lots of great, derelict buildings infuse Sintra with a spooky quality. Our guide, Rita, told us she doesn’t go up the mountain at night; Sintra has more than a few ghost stories and legends. 

Taking a break at Lawrence’s Hotel. We also made sure we tried Sintra’s famed pastries, queijadas and travesseiros. Back in Lisbon, after a short train ride we had fig and prosciutto pizza before catching some local art and film.

Cats Amore. Stop Motion by Martha Colburn. At Cais de Sodre. A play on word and reference to the sexy and sordid past of the neighbourhood. A sexual confessional was set up on site. And while ‘Perils of War’ played, people had seven minutes to unburden themselves. Martha introduced some of her lighter films… Which also had trauma and dismemberment, couched in environmental commentary. ‘Fear the vampire’ and ‘my secret shame’ rounded out the program. (Experimental films by Martha Colburn at Cais de Sodre.)

Flying pigs and a world of canned fish. Art in progress at Wozen Studio Gallery. 

Our second last night ended at Tosca Taverna for olives and wine.

Ghost Busting 


In Monday, I had the pleasure of seeing a preview of the new Ghostbusters film. People (read: sexist people) need to shut up about this remake ‘ruining’ the original. This film was so much fun. The cast is superb and it was funny, crass and tongue in cheek. I was really entertained and that is what a good film should do. Go see it!  

 For reference, about forty people showed up with proton packs and full GB suits.    
Keep your peepers peeled for cameos by the original cast. When you have their blessing, plus some great unsexy acting by Chris Hemsworth, you know you will  enjoy yourself.    Fantastic ensemble and some truly weird moments. 

Hurricane Bianca world premiere 

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What’s better than queens, queers and some outstanding cameos from Margaret Cho, Alan Cumming, RuPaul and Rachel Dratch? Not a damn thing. Seeing the premiere of Hurricane Bianca, a campy, colourful revenge comedy was second only to rubbing elbows with the star herself, and some gorgeously glam local folks and celebrity imports. Larger than life, Bianca Del Rio, travelling with her entourage, swept in like a veritable force of nature and she was on. Megawatt. Just an arm’s length away. Above, my wife poses on the carpet with Bianca.

While part of me was thrilled and awed just to see her (and to learn that she is just as witty and biting as she is on tv), the other part remained relieved that I flew under her radar, because one highlight of the film was the scathing shade she throws. And man, does she have an arm.
The premise: Del Rio goes undercover as a high school science teacher, schooling the hicks and homophobes, all while navigating the world of romance and friendship. I discretely reveled in the vicarious joy of her scathing one-liners, leveraged against some very very mean girls. Have I secretly wished I could say similar things to bigots and twerps? My lips are sealed.

An unexpected highlight for me: seeing Xanthippe from The Unbreakable Kimmi Schmidt! She is in Toronto, doing the circuit, for her film, First Girl I Loved, which played in the festival. Make it your mission to check out next year’s festival!   

Sun daze 


Gorgeous weather and a day full of plans. Although I’m exhausted from yesterday’s 2 pm- 10:30 pm dance rehearsal, you can’t just stop moving. I tend to do best when I’m busy. 

  • Get ready 
  • Mark some essays 
  • Head to the Inside Out film featival’s Filmmakers’ Brunch
  • Go to a coffee shop to mark
  • Screening of The Same Difference (intros by my lovely wife) 
  • Then costume try on and full run through of my dance company’s show 
  • Sleep?   
  • Ready.     
  • Film fest. Got to meet Nneka, the talented director of today’s film ‘The Same Difference’.    
  • Then it’s off to the studio  
  • Time to dance it out. And the weather, just like yesterday is sweltering. 
  • And who doesn’t like to end the night with tequila at Reposado? With Nneka who is my wife’s new friend – thick as thieves – after an afternoon and evening of fun in the six.   
  • We are so friendly, in fact, that our friends’ pic was used to promote the festival memberships  


Art, Open Letters

Every coming out story is set in a small town. Whether urban, suburban or remotely rural … When you are dealing with family, the stories we tell, the people who have known us our whole lives and who make up our world, changing how others tell the story of your life, and questions like ‘what will everyone think?’- it doesn’t matter what locality or geography surrounds that experience as much as it matters that it can feel like your whole world is shattering. Your piece of it, big or small, will never feel the same again. I just watched a film and although I will never know what it’s like to live in Oklahoma … I have lived moments of heartbreak like that film.