Charmed Aroma … A Less than Stellar Ring Reveal


4cwdmBgrS2ugvudKNwf4_PineApple2.jpgFirst question: is there a crown in this picture? Second, have you heard the phrase: when you assume, you make an ass of u and me?

I was pretty psyched to have an adult gumball machine/Christmas cracker experience where I imagined that an overpriced candle might yield a shiny grownup sparkly bauble… I knew it could happen. The first time I ever saw one of these rings was when I, a woman who DOES NOT NOTICE blingy jewellery, saw it sparkling on the digit of an acquaintance. She explained its origin, then I promptly went home to order myself a fancy lady candle. But not just any candle; I carefully scanned the pictures to make sure I didn’t get one of the cheesy ‘heart’ or ‘bow’ … or ‘princess crown’-yielding ones. I knew I would wear a costume-y classic, but not (no offence if it’s your thing), definitely not a crown.

I faithfully burned my pineapple, patiently waiting for the little silver packet to emerge. What do you bet I got?


And… I don’t even care that it was worth $150.

So, here’s my sad customer email:

Hi there,

I specifically ordered the Pineapple candle, because (based on the images on your website) it was one of the only candles that didn’t have ‘crown,’ ‘heart’ or other whimsically shaped ring, nor coloured stone items. However, the ring in my candle is a crown shape. I paid more for a pineapple-shaped candle, rather than the less expensive glass ones, and obviously I assumed that the content would be reflected in the images on your site. To be clear, I don’t care about the value of the ring; I would just never wear a crown ‘princess’ ring and, sadly, what I was hoping not to get is exactly what I received.

Is there a site for selling or exchanging rings that are unwanted?

I was so excited to post my ‘reveal video,’ which you encourage on your site… but unfortunately I don’t think my reaction is quite what Charmed Aroma is looking for. At minimum, I’d love to just request (to whoever does your marketing) that your images on the site accurately reflect what is IN the candle pictured beside the items. The surprise should be the value and design (of the options pictured), not a completely different style of ring than what is advertised.

Thank you for your consideration.

Pineapple bomb dropped.


Wish I May, Wish I Might – A holiday list that’s surely a hit!


For all the good folks on your list this year, consider some outside (or inside) of the box gift options. Don’t forget to get yourself a little something, too.

From home decor with some sparkle, to baubles for your own body…

From left to right: Target floor lamp, YYZ Imports necklace, Hammered Serving Tray, Coffee Table Book, Mix-and-match scents, Bralettes from Aerie, Lumee self-lighting selfie friendly phone case, sleep set from H&M, Board Games for Drinkers, IKEA white throw rug and cozy booties, pompom scarf, gorgeous patterned briefs from Toronto darlings – Nuvango.

Try a bold t-shirt that puts you firmly on the map. This ‘The Future is Female’ shirt was gifted to our adorable niece. Her dad (the father of three girls) wants one of his own!

For the person with everything: a hand-crafted treat – like this leather leash for their bestie, an ornate herb-chopping knife, sleep soothing machine, aux-naturel Burt’s Bees Lipstick, a decorative perch for the brights and sparklies, cellphone lanyard, statement purse with bees… from Zara, amazing flamingo print leggings from Nuvango, satin pajamas, snazzy ampersand cutting board; for the health and wellness guru – yoga block, mat and accessories. And more Nuvango marble-print leggings, for good measure.

Above, a nubby, fat woven textile; some R&R for the bath, or the booze; little extras that are shiny and bright, or add some personality (patches, hammered coasters and ice bucket from Target, shoe polishing kit, a book that has her name all over it).

What is on your wish list for the holiday?

Jingle Ball North


Life is looking pretty rosy – with the usual wind-up to Chritmas and everything getting chillier and warmer simultaneously. To help ramp up, i have a festive weekend planned: Friday is Jingle Ball North, Toronto’s first foray into the jingle Ball spirit; and Saturday will be spent at the one-of-a-kind show in Toronto, helping my dear friend at White Feather Designs.

It’s a perfect date night, especially when your wife gets free tickets and you get the call at noon. Last night was a fun lineup of international and local talent, with Canadian media hosts and lots of acreaming teens. Start with some Niall Horan (I was only certain that it was him because the girls behind us were screaming his name, since the rest of his One Direction crew were absent).

Liz Trinear was in fine form (above), and then we were treated to the incredible vocals of pint sized powerhouse Alessia Cara, out homegrown heroine of alt-confessional-blues-pop. 

Then Hedley performed. I have always wondered who Hedley fans are… and tonight I found out. He certainly put on a charming performance and was repaid tenfold with hysterical GTA fan shrieks. I think my mom is the only person I know who is excited that I’m seeing this guy… her text was, “oh my God, I love Hedley!” I know, mom, I know. So cute. He can definitely sing! 

Next up was the Chainsmokerz – I was puzzled by how many of their songs I actually know, and the pyrotechnics, state shenanigans and presence pretty impressive, despite the fact that I am mystified by their ridiculous lyrics about pulling the sheets off of a stolen mattress from Boulder… 

The stage was quite literally on fire. 

And the lady in front of us, I spent most of the show talking and gesturing emphatically to the man beside her seemed beside herself over this DJ duo. 
Obviously, my favourite was the closer, the Weeknd. He was all smoothness and swagger. Which can only be topped by this TV personality, with his dimples and perfect teeth, offering to be a baby daddy for any ladies in the crowd who were looking. Even though I find it hard to deny that this was a compelling offer – I wonder if he be willing to father some gorgeous interracial lesbian babies

That is literally him offering. What a great start to the #weeknd. #jingleballnorth 

How are you gearing up for the holidays?

Now and Then: Album Launch


Katey Morley is a force. Small, but mighty (a cliched phrase, typically, but she is not typical in the least). I first met her when I was working in a Vespa shop. Our eyes locked and we became fast friends. She has since entertained at her piano, behind the microphone, everywhere from the Rose Water Supper Club to regular gigs across Toronto venues. Or maybe, like other Torontonians I know, she dj’d her way into your heart, or crept in with the striking visuals of artistry (because she doesn’t just sing, play and spin, she is an incredible visual and ceramic artist). Katey has also brought innovation to the Toronto design scene. It’s official; she has a hand in so many exciting projects that she might be an octopus, hiding in the pint-sized body of a transportingly sensual, powerful musician.


Katey Morley. Live at The Piston, Toronto. Photo courtesy of Kelly G Kelly

At the album launch for Now and Then she released a series of new tracks (Now) and some of her most iconic tracks from the past (Then). Her voice is beyond describing. So I won’t. Just go check her out at

She is someone whose music straddles so many genres, from folk, to indie, to country, to jazz and blues. At times she reminds me of the big sounds of belters like Florence Welch, while at others there is an understated sweetness, powered by raw emotion, like Feist. All poured out with warm honeyed-sound and something familiar, buttery and cinnamon spiced.


Live at The Piston, Toronto. Photo courtesy of Kelly G Kelly

All this is to say, that I’m thrilled to have my own copy of her album on my Itunes playlist, and on vinyl. Give it a listen. Then listen again. You won’t be sorry.


Portugal in Moving Pictures

Indulge, Love

Is it too late for a #tbt? It’s Thursday, and it’s not so far back, after all… Here is a taste of our delicious Portugal trip. A sweet little movie that captures just the cherry of what it’s like to travel with a lovely lady like Allia (@buttonsmcleod  if you’d like to catch more from her on Insta). Feel free to check out the pictures from each day of our journey here (Day 1-15 of our Portugal journey!). It really is a place that you have to see to believe. Around every turn there was something breathtaking, adorable or hilarious.

I hope that voce gosta muito this little vid. I present: a peek into Portugal, from the perspective of two lesbians in love. Tchau and beijos!


Last Day in Lisbon – travels and trip memories


Our lunch at the Michelin Star-rated restaurant, Cafe Lisboa, was incredible. The best lunch I have had in…as long as I can remember. 

Drinks at Castro. Getting findings and tassels to make some Portugal inspired necklaces. The city is starting to feel familiar, but I keep feeling charmed at every turn. Cafe Tati. 

The only time I would ever go to a place with Trump in the name: Trumps was bustling into the wee hours. 

Tchau to Lisboa, to friends and food and a city that is festive, fun and full of life. Although nothing can prepare you for the full-force smell of bodies and urine in certain sections of the streets, keep your eyes open and plug your nose… Lisbon is brimming with possibilities, and now, full of memories.