National Velvet

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Whether it reminds you of your granny, of dresses from when you were three or of hundreds of years of royals, velvet is a fabric that lends pomp and circumstance to whatever it touches. A bit romantic, a bit old-fashioned, always a little bit sensual, I love the way that velvet can class-up any piece of furniture, or an outfit. When well-chosen, it’s dreamy and elevated, mysterious or regal. My favourites are lushly- upholstered slipper chairs and headboards, a nice roll-armed sofa, or in more unexpected places…

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Gallery Wall 

Home Sweet

our love of gallery walls is a secret to no one. Anywhere that a large painting doesn’t fit, we have a gallery wall, full of found art, high and low pieces and mementos from our travels. 

Here are two of my favourite vignettes; the first is beside our stove in our kitschy boho kitchen.  

 A mixed media piece of zebra bums, decoupage, a wine trivet, hand painted letters, keys and evil eyes from a friend’s Greek wedding, the old iron match dispenser from my family cottage and a sassy vintage plate, redesigned with ‘la-di fucking da’ from Lousongmade.  

 And the powder room with a power-punch of colour that everyone said was a bad idea, but which we have lovingly filled with quirky art and items that make peeing a pleasure. Who says bathrooms can’t be a conversation starter? 

Travel photography by talented friends.    
Weird unicorns, spouting importational phrases and old photos of relatives from Jamaica. 

  Illustrations of sea life, menacing toddlers, and more cheeky table settings-as-art.   
If it makes you smile, put it up proudly. 

My Kitchen – Turquoise and Boho Mismatch

Home Sweet
My Kitchen - Turquoise and Boho Mismatch

KitchenAid kitchen aid stand mixer
460 CAD –

Silver flatware
130 CAD –

Kim Seybert everyday dinnerware
63 CAD –

Royal Doulton serveware
40 CAD –

Cotton napkin
42 CAD –

Cotton dish towel
32 CAD –

Lou Rota bird dinnerware
24 CAD –

Cotton pot holder
18 CAD –

Cost Plus World Market food storage container
17 CAD –

16 CAD –

Glass drinkware
16 CAD –

Kitchen gadgets tool
13 CAD –

Glass drinkware
11 CAD –

Soup mug
11 CAD –

Rose dinnerware

Black home decor
120 CAD –

Bone china
13 CAD –

Ikat Monogram Letter
21 CAD –

Be Our Guest

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Be Our Guest

Our guest suite is an eclectic blend of global inspired pieces, unified by a palette of white, green and teal. Gilded metals and lots of texture help to make it an polished, but relaxing space. One corner of the room is a sleek home office, where a glossy Ikea desk is a work space, or dressing table for guests; the room is also full of books and plentiful throw cushions, perfect for propping up in bed and reading. Admittedly, our pillows are much nicer than the ones I included in the mood board (pictured above), but the overall vibe is the same. Sweet and serene. With  souvenirs, original art and a sepia toned map of the world that charts our travels, this room is really going places. It’s a far cry from the dark, forest green room full of hockey paraphanelia that was the former home owner’s shrine to… nineties suburban decor.

Big Time Sensuality

Home Sweet

I love a room with a sense of identity, quirk and a lush vibe. Here are some visuals that really fit the bill. Rooms can definitely be sexy. What room or corner of your home inspires you and makes you feel transported?

These are spaces and feelings that I aspire to, plus a few New Year’s resolutions thrown in for good measure.

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Serenity… now. Wouldn’t we all love a home that transports us and soothes us, stimulates us and rocks us to sleep? Something full of texture and contradictions. Something that feels timeless and makes us live in the present. In the New Year, my goal is to appreciate the beauty around me, to take comfort in the refuge of family, friends and home. To say ‘yes’ more. And ‘no’ more. And to floss regularly.

Happy New Year and cheers to a beautiful year ahead.

xo A