Live it Out – A very gay weekend

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Live it Out -  A very gay weekend

Coffee at Ricardas, the Inland Art and Fashion Pop Up, local designers, Hotdocs Film Festival “A Better Man,” and comedy at night at WE’RE FUNNY THAT WAY, and the launch party for InsideOut film festival 2017


New York City, Day 3 (the long-time-coming update)


Our third day started with a craving for New York bagels. We went to a mom and pop shop. Heaven in a carb. Then lattes and walking around in the brisk air. It was unseasonably mild; perfect for strolling outdoors. MOMA was our destination.

I loved seeing Frida Khalo and the accompanying mirror where you could be her companion piece. Basquiat, Klimt, Picasso, and all my faves from art class. It was great spending the day revisiting pieces I’d only ever seen in textbooks, or haven’t seen since high school! Fur tea cups, absurdism, modern iconography, and historical digital technology (like a walkman or discman), gay pride flags as modern symbols…

I loved the video installments, the live electric violin in the sound space and the up-close and personal views of my favourite artists. Klimt always makes my heart rev.

We had a yummy lunch of soup and cheeses (and wine) at the terrace. Al had eleven compliments on her hair and we got recognized from last night’s red carpet. Only in New York?!…  I also loved that in NYC (of all places) on several occasions total strangers called us ‘stylish’. ‘We’re from Canada,’ we giggled. IMG_1929

Relics of times gone by. If you consider how few young students know why the ‘save’ icon is shaped as it is, the reason for these exhibits is sad, but charming. We are moving so quickly that we don’t remember where we’ve been.

The ‘Department of Health’ photo (below) of an overflowing cubicle. What a perfect visual paradox. And Jackson Pollock.

After the museum we met up with one of my most favourite people, a Canadian expat who is now a New York City girl. We went for a night on the town, a show at the comedy cellar, a ride on the subway, drinks at a few fancy bars and hotels.

What could be better than a bite of the Big Apple with the most wonderful company?

Just one more day to go 🙂