breakin convention


Yes to a program of amazing international hiphop crews. They took over Toronto and it was amazing. This is an after the fact post, but if similar street dance and hip hop collaborations are coming to a city near you CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

we went for dinner and the. Enjoyed performances from all over the world, including some chandelier swinging (for real), and lots of femme presence.


Sun daze 


Gorgeous weather and a day full of plans. Although I’m exhausted from yesterday’s 2 pm- 10:30 pm dance rehearsal, you can’t just stop moving. I tend to do best when I’m busy. 

  • Get ready 
  • Mark some essays 
  • Head to the Inside Out film featival’s Filmmakers’ Brunch
  • Go to a coffee shop to mark
  • Screening of The Same Difference (intros by my lovely wife) 
  • Then costume try on and full run through of my dance company’s show 
  • Sleep?   
  • Ready.     
  • Film fest. Got to meet Nneka, the talented director of today’s film ‘The Same Difference’.    
  • Then it’s off to the studio  
  • Time to dance it out. And the weather, just like yesterday is sweltering. 
  • And who doesn’t like to end the night with tequila at Reposado? With Nneka who is my wife’s new friend – thick as thieves – after an afternoon and evening of fun in the six.   
  • We are so friendly, in fact, that our friends’ pic was used to promote the festival memberships  



Spent an awesome day in Toronto at the distillery district doing a movement workshop, before seeing an incredible performance of Betroffenheit, choreographed by Crystal Pite  for Kidd Pivot.  

 It was a deeply moving and tightly-wound production about trauma and how the mind reels in the wake of tragedy and loss. I felt so lucky to have been in the audience seeing this show. Wow. Just wow.  

  The Distillery District   
Shops and the Love locks 

 Shops and cobblestone streets. My fave stop was at the studio is the Saucy Milliner. 

Also got to stop in to check our album out at Pikto Gallery. They aren’t friendly, but they sure make gorgeous photo books. 

Press shots from the show. I felt so undone in the second act that I found my eyes brimming with tears.  What a technically mesmerizing show! It’s starting to tour; see it!

The Art of Dreaming


What are you waiting for? Get out there and start doing that thing you wish you could do, or that thing you used to do, but stopped doing.

Dance. Like no one is watching, or do ANY thing with cliched abandon that makes you feel vibrant and happy.

I have danced since the age of three. That’s 30 years. For the few years that I was teaching but not actively dancing myself, I felt its absence. I was missing the thrill of doing something for myself that brings me joy. Intense joy and community.

I remind myself that, as a teacher, I frequently ask my students to take risks, to be passionate, to try things that are outside their comfort zone. It only makes sense then that I practice this philosophy myself. As a member of PushPULL Dance (dancing professionals, not professional dancers), I get to live the dream – a steady job by day and time in the studio, on the stage and briefly in the spotlight.

It's show time!

It’s show time!

Our show this year is all about dreams. According to my wife I’ve been sleep dancing, so it makes perfect sense that I’m right where I’m supposed to be.


Preview shots by Raph Nogal; PushPULL Dance 2015’s “The Art of Dreaming.”

The company rehearses twice a week during the year and mounts a full-on show each June. This year we have 18 pieces and about 40 dancers.

Starting new pre-show traditions. Our "Dreamscape" costumes are on and we have blueberry vodka shots in hand.

Starting new pre-show traditions. Our “Dreamscape” costumes are on and we have blueberry vodka shots in hand.

Opening night drinks to celebrate.

Opening night drinks to celebrate.

Intense joy and community.