All Patched Up

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I did it. Got out an old jean jacket and started sewing. The inspiration:



Don’t have $1,300 for a D & G version? Grab your sewing kit for a DIY party of 1. I am so thrilled with my final product, and it’ll keep getting better as I find new patches to jazz up my one of a kind beauty.

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Bridal Shower Inspiration – OOTD

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My brother is getting married. And I couldn’t be more thrilled. Seriously. The woman he is marrying is a dream come true (for him, I have no doubt, but also for me). She is down to earth, charming, sweet, funny, adventurous, independent, courageous and kind. Plus she’s a babe and he is so lucky to have found his match.

This weekend, as per tradition, my aunties are hosting a shower for her – a chance for the family to get to know her and for many of us to meet her sisters, mother and maids of honour.

A winter shower (in Canada) presents some challenges, especially in a home-hosted shower where we take our shoes off (politely, as Canadians are rumoured to be).

I got some inspiration by scouring the Paris fashion week street style:

Now, these might seem unlikely, but bear with me. A fancy skirt, paired with an interesting, embellished top and lots of texture, an opaque black stocking and cute clutch. I think I’ve got it.


Stay tuned for upcoming tips on whimsical wedding style, party favours, best dresses, hair and makeup and personalized touches. I’ve also got my eye on some dreamy wedding photography style. What’s your go to look for daytime parties?


Athleisure: Taking It To the Streets


I’m feeling this athletic trend, but (I’m almost embarrassed to admit) find myself out of my comfort zone, ironically, when in ‘comfy’ clothes – like the au courant side-stripe track pant. I don’t know how the phys-ed teachers of the world do it; and I don’t know how non-phys-ed folks manage to straddle the line between cool and ‘couch-potato’ when integrating gym wear into their everyday game. (Photo credits and links:

At least 5 people have commented on how comfy I look today… which makes me feel suspiciously similar to the way I side eye the folks who tell me I seem ‘tired’ or ask if I’m well today when I am under the weather. However, I think this is more in my head than in reality. I am experimenting. Today, it’s hair done, no-makeup makeup (so no one mistakes me for taking my ‘sick day’ look to work), a printed sweater and black trackers with a wide, white stripe up the side. Perhaps I’ll be bold and take that racing stripe out for a night on the town.

Either way, it’s game on, because whether I’m headed to and from the pole studio, to dance rehearsal, or to mark some exams… it’s all about the right confidence and attitude. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.


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