Vegandale Festival – Toronto Edition



Very very very excited to indulge and treat myself to some amazing vegan eats. Toronto’s Vegandale Festival is taking over Fort York. Go hungry because… yummmm. Although I’m not vegan myself, strictly, I support the ethos, love the movement and mostly eat vegetarian food, interspersed with moderate amounts of animal-based products. I’m a flexatarian… especially during this pregnancy. However, whenever I can, I support and cook with ingredients that are kinder and gentler to our animal friends. No judgement, just love and tastebuds.


All pics courtesy of Vegandale check it out

Live it Out – A very gay weekend

Indulge, Love, style
Live it Out -  A very gay weekend

Coffee at Ricardas, the Inland Art and Fashion Pop Up, local designers, Hotdocs Film Festival “A Better Man,” and comedy at night at WE’RE FUNNY THAT WAY, and the launch party for InsideOut film festival 2017