Sun dazeĀ 


Gorgeous weather and a day full of plans. Although I’m exhausted from yesterday’s 2 pm- 10:30 pm dance rehearsal, you can’t just stop moving. I tend to do best when I’m busy. 

  • Get ready 
  • Mark some essays 
  • Head to the Inside Out film featival’s Filmmakers’ Brunch
  • Go to a coffee shop to mark
  • Screening of The Same Difference (intros by my lovely wife) 
  • Then costume try on and full run through of my dance company’s show 
  • Sleep?   
  • Ready.     
  • Film fest. Got to meet Nneka, the talented director of today’s film ‘The Same Difference’.    
  • Then it’s off to the studio  
  • Time to dance it out. And the weather, just like yesterday is sweltering. 
  • And who doesn’t like to end the night with tequila at Reposado? With Nneka who is my wife’s new friend – thick as thieves – after an afternoon and evening of fun in the six.   
  • We are so friendly, in fact, that our friends’ pic was used to promote the festival memberships