Mamas and Spring Fresh Interiors

Foodie, Home Sweet

We recently painted the whole main floor of our house a fresh coat of gallery white. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes – with everything all tidy, with this beautiful clean palette. The windows are open, brunch has been served and here is a whole afternoon with a house that feels calm and bellies that are full.

We served up some French lentils ( care of Oh She Glows cookbook), bagels, smoked salmon, simple salad, quiche, mango and peach punch… and peanut butter chocolate ice cream cake for dessert.

I love my mom. And can’t wait to be one.

Taste Toronto: Momofuku


Set behind a spectacular sculpture of curling metalwork and birds, Toronto’s Momofuku Noodle Bar was the perfect place to visit with a visiting Chef.

Montreal’s Jae-Anthony, owner and chef behind Seasoned Dream, was keen to try Momofuku (and you would be too if you had tasted what we did!)

I tried the carbonara noodles and fried chicken bao, kimchi and a local brew, Oast House x Momofuku peach lager.

It’s cozy, communal seating and reservations are a must. If you’re feeling fancy, get yourself on he list for their chilli chicken and caviar… starting at $500.

Check out their website for more

photo credits: #momofuku c/o Instagram

Not as posh as you’d expect, but super tasty and surprisingly affordable (if you aren’t getting the caviar) – it was a great start to our evening out and is perfect for rubbing elbows with foodies (who might just so happen to be some big-time influencers like the Chef from Epic Meal Time.

If you are in Toronto – Momofuku won’t disappoint.

Looney Spoons – Nutcrocker Chicken


Nutty name… delicious taste. The combo of ginger, peanut and curry was so delicious. I grabbed this image from a Google search, but it looked almost as good and tasted better. 

I loved this with brown rice, but the way it was served the first time I had it was with a bed of kale and a few bow tie pastas. 

This was easy and delicious. All tossed in the crockpot and smelling amazing by the time I got home. 

Lisbon – day 3: tuk tuks, sangria and pasteis de Nata 


A day of food and sight seeing. 

After walking the heat soaked streets we stopped by pink street for some refreshing Sangria

Pineapple mint rose sangria 

Tuk tuk to Torre de BelemRelaxing with wine and chocolate. Why cans we can’t I get a bottle for 2 Euros at home?

How does this keep happening ? 

This is, apparently, a dinner for two. 
Sol Douro restaurant. The end of day three. 

Summer to-do: day 9


Eat up. And make it delicious. 

  Roasted southwestern veggie soup, cucumber basil salad and organic grilled chicken.  

 Flatbread pizza with pear, prosciutto, Brie, and basil.   

Sweet potato and French lentil with Swiss chard.   

Sweet potato and cauliflower bake.     
Tandoori chicken nachos. 

 Mixed greens, carrot and date salad with chicken and quinoa in a mustard dressing     

Cucumber and cilantro gazpacho from Hive in Toronto. 

 Sweet potato, asparagus and steak. 

Homemade pizzas.    

Grilled corn and roasted veggies with steak, chicken and sausage. 

Fit Girl Challenge: End of Week Three


So, like most things, the momentum starts strong. Out of the gate we were both so psyched and motivated. The endurance is the problem. We got a little derailed when we went home to visit my parents for a weekend (wine country will do that). I also struggled when Allia was back at work and I was left to my own devices – and by devices I mean a jar of Nutella, and all the other odds and ends of delicious things that are definitely NOT on our clean eating list.

Remember, ME: get back on the band wagon and keep going. I was especially tested when I went up to a cottage for a few lazy gorgeous days at the lake (see the INDULGE tab for more on that in a few days).

But I have found that going to classes at the gym keeps me accountable. There is a group of super buff moms who seem to want to take me under their wing (they like that I’m flexible, but not as strong as they are… I think). When Tatiana asked if I’d stay for the next class, too, (like… a second hour of cardio) I admitted (trying to sound as non-judgmental as I could that I was just plainly too lazy. She replied, in a really cute, but slightly scary accent, “Suck it up, Princess!”

I guess that’s what gets you arms like sexy ropes and a butt that is half way up your back: sucking it up.

I’m re-motivated. Still on board and probably going to extend our 28 day challenge to a fifth week, just to make sure I see the full extent that a change of habits can accomplish.

Really, it’s about will power. I should be able to kick my sugar cravings. I can do this. Can I? I will try. Behold the gallery of delicious, clean eating:


Grilled chicken, roasted veggies (zucchini, carrot, potato), sun dried tomato and a dollop of hummus.


Sweet potato burrito in a corn tortilla with grilled kale, mushrooms and cheddar cheese, fresh salsa and cilantro… with a side of tempeh.


Mini pizza party: apple slices, green pepper, marinated tempeh and pizza topped with olives, spinach and artichoke hearts.


Prepping my morning egg and English muffin with avocado and tomato.


Et voila! A yummy, balanced breakfast. Pair with lots of water!


Deconstructed Nicoise Salad: tuna with yogurt dressing and green onion, fresh lettuce, boiled potato with pepper, green beans and cherry tomatoes, lightly sprinkled with citrus and balsamic.


Roasting veggies is my jam.


Pork with rosemary and parsley, roasted with cherry tomatoes. A new protein for my power bowl.


Yumm. Rosemary pork, grilled veggies and hummus.

I know that photos of food that are not styled by food stylists and photographed by professionals rarely look as tasty to an objective viewer as they do to the person who ate or made it; but I’m just a regular person with an Iphone. I promise, these dishes were so yummy that I licked the plate. Figuratively. Or maybe literally.

Sigh. How can I stray when the food is so tasty? I need a witness to keep me honest. Thank you internet.