Once, Twice…


I know a dress is a good one when I want to wear it twice in three days. I picked up this blue and white, kaftan style midi dress with tie-front for $40, and turned the corner of the rack to find my friend holding the same one.

Super versatile and easy to wear, it was a perfect choice over jeans, for a very windy day, paired with a black leather jacket and ankle cowboy boots. On the patio and into the evening, it was comfortable and breezy.

Two days later I wore it for a day date with my nieces to the movies, ice cream and for a walk on the windy beach, paired with a long denim jacket, Topshop peep toe slides and whimsical earrings.

Aldo sunglasses, Zara moto jacket, Gap denim trench, Frye cowboy boots, Topshop leather peep toe boot and H&M dress.

I love the flora of this print, which reminds me of wallpaper or the plates we had in my house when I was growing up. And the tie front means that while it fits now, it will also be a cinch to cinch it when I have a waistline again!

Is there an outfit you are wearing on repeat this spring?

Mamas and Spring Fresh Interiors

Foodie, Home Sweet

We recently painted the whole main floor of our house a fresh coat of gallery white. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes – with everything all tidy, with this beautiful clean palette. The windows are open, brunch has been served and here is a whole afternoon with a house that feels calm and bellies that are full.

We served up some French lentils ( care of Oh She Glows cookbook), bagels, smoked salmon, simple salad, quiche, mango and peach punch… and peanut butter chocolate ice cream cake for dessert.

I love my mom. And can’t wait to be one.

True Blue Baby


This bump fashion is going strong, considering my preference for loose, swingy clothes I’m feeling very fortunate. Today was a comfy one (thank you Fashion forecasters for keeping running shoes as an appropriate option… I could not be more grateful).

It’s still a bit crisp in the mornings, so a bright patterned bomber is perfect for the a.m. I can’t tell you how many times I get compliments on these vintage shell and rope earrings. A friend gave them to me second hand, claiming ‘they are so ugly, I have no idea how to wear them… but I honk you can pull them off.

I take that as the ultimate challenge. If someone says it’s unwearable – let me at it.

I know I’m lucky to be feeling so good right now…Even at 7:30 am when these were taken. I’m welcoming all the changes this pregnancy body is bringing. I also just got a big delivery of maternity pants in the mail. Cannot wait to integrate them and get into some pants that don’t squeeze around my middle.

Cheers, from almost-seventeen weeks,

Xo A

Hey, Fifty


Last night, we drove to North York to celebrate our cousin’s 50th birthday. She treated us all to a grand celebration with a live band, Diaspora, that played reggae and classic hits, a formal dinner, speeches and some indoor fireworks.

We waited until we pulled up to put on our final touches. Before and after adding our bling! I happened to have a cutout maxi that is super comfortable and will fit long into the second or third trimester – a perfect solution when you need to be relaxed but dressy. I like a good behind the scenes peek 😉

What a night. I feel so blessed to have family that is a blast to hang out with. Who, while the live band plays, can rock out and sing along, always ready to start the party on the dance floor. Mightiest of happy birthdays to Natasha. She looked like a goddess!

We were sent off with champagne – which Allia will enjoy, and even with a belly that is starting to pop, I lasted well into the night. Sweet dreams xo

Spring Fling


Bump Fashion is going strong. This melon hued, architectural sleeved dress from Zara is the work appropriate version of sweat pants. With rose gold makeup and some leather hand made flower earrings? Yes. Add some embroidered floral block heels for a surefire spring combo.

Photo credit: the gorgeous woman with legs for days wearing this Zara dress and the dress pics are from CurrentlyCoveting.net