Spent an awesome day in Toronto at the distillery district doing a movement workshop, before seeing an incredible performance of Betroffenheit, choreographed by Crystal Pite  for Kidd Pivot.  

 It was a deeply moving and tightly-wound production about trauma and how the mind reels in the wake of tragedy and loss. I felt so lucky to have been in the audience seeing this show. Wow. Just wow.  

  The Distillery District   
Shops and the Love locks 

 Shops and cobblestone streets. My fave stop was at the studio is the Saucy Milliner. 

Also got to stop in to check our album out at Pikto Gallery. They aren’t friendly, but they sure make gorgeous photo books. 

Press shots from the show. I felt so undone in the second act that I found my eyes brimming with tears.  What a technically mesmerizing show! It’s starting to tour; see it!


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