This is just enough writing, with a practical edge of necessity, for me. I have to get dressed in the morning. Here’s what the Outfits of the Week look like for week two back at work.


Low: dealing with a crappy individual who made me seriously hold back some hormonal eye-watering as my inside voice was asking ‘Why am I even here? Why am I not with my own sweet baby, instead of here at work?’

But then, there are so many other highs:


Monday was a combo of these two looks. Mustard sweater with big scarf, jeans and pendant necklace. A hat, obviously.


A big, bold print scarf is perfect armour for cold weather. Thanks, Pinterest.


This sweater (the actual one I own) was a no brainer. Simple studs. A bold bang. Jeans. Black loafers. People were amused by the sweater. I was amused by their amusement. It is a combo of mariachi, cowardly lion and 70s shag carpet. Perfect.




Keeping it minimal – with a Hoibo (Toronto designer! Support local) dress and accessories.


H&M Prairie Dress with ruffle. On Thursdays we wear floral.


With a sturdy boot; just a bit tough.


For Friday PD day… with some classic black Nike trainers – an army green bomber jacket and jeans. Image from bedazelive.com

Well, we made it. What was your fave outfit from this week?


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