National Velvet

Home Sweet


Whether it reminds you of your granny, of dresses from when you were three or of hundreds of years of royals, velvet is a fabric that lends pomp and circumstance to whatever it touches. A bit romantic, a bit old-fashioned, always a little bit sensual, I love the way that velvet can class-up any piece of furniture, or an outfit. When well-chosen, it’s dreamy and elevated, mysterious or regal. My favourites are lushly- upholstered slipper chairs and headboards, a nice roll-armed sofa, or in more unexpected places…

*all photo credits can be found at my pinterest page550b8414ee41fcb3aedfecba4d6e114a.jpg6e04b5fde48d3333224362513318793c.jpg56f8f2dc9ea82a1c494f39d53185420f.jpga95c8238b468564cd8d409c014d9ef89.jpg4dc680bbd40a9be95fe53407d9bef90a.jpgd6f9c13f7f892da81beb7179361d8d72.jpg52c1707e94e5688a18cf0b76d33968a6.jpg80e28b440d93500733488e2599364bfe.jpg6d83a51579f7fb893093d18fe91fb910.jpgfbc1ac718dcc26eac5c54cadbbb6669f.jpgb108714bf2920d8096b757631323e472.jpg8e2f36e83e49b877049e95022c611032.jpg6c68d08679b94b13e8cea91f0149fc0e.jpg

*all photo individual photo credits can be found at my pinterest page


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