Be Our Guest

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Be Our Guest

Our guest suite is an eclectic blend of global inspired pieces, unified by a palette of white, green and teal. Gilded metals and lots of texture help to make it an polished, but relaxing space. One corner of the room is a sleek home office, where a glossy Ikea desk is a work space, or dressing table for guests; the room is also full of books and plentiful throw cushions, perfect for propping up in bed and reading. Admittedly, our pillows are much nicer than the ones I included in the mood board (pictured above), but the overall vibe is the same. Sweet and serene. With ¬†souvenirs, original art and a sepia toned map of the world that charts our travels, this room is really going places. It’s a far cry from the dark, forest green room full of hockey paraphanelia that was the former home owner’s shrine to… nineties suburban decor.


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