OOTD The Orchard, After Chekhov


Spent an awesome day at the theatre with my lady – saw a production of The Orchard, after Chekhov, a great post-colonial piece. And also enjoyed Grand Hotel and Of Men and Marriage ( all part of the Shaw Festival’s 2018 season).

Rocking heatwave approved palazzo pants and tank (H&M), hat (Lack of Colour), striped layering piece (Mendocino) and shoes from Call It Spring (5 seasons ago). Allia on the other hand looked smashing, and/but was literally wearing an entire outfit identical to a 60 year old man also in attendance. And I love her for that. She is my own personal #manrepeller

Hats off to end of Summer Style! Yet, the heatwave persists.


Theatre – day 167

Art, Indulge
Theatre - day 167

Two shows for two lovebirds.    My lovely wife and I had a stroll in the garden before the show. 

  The Shaw Festival is our go-to theatre experience. With a wide array of beautiful, sensual and vibrant shows in their season, it’s the perfect date location – especially when you see a lunchtime production of Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God. Spectacular. Period.    

  We followed it up with an evening show of Sweeney Todd.  


Sweeney features powerful voices and a dark, decaying and gothically beautiful set. 

Alice in Wonderland and A Woman of No Importance at the Shaw Festival. 


Yesterday I took 46 students to see two shows at the shaw festival where we were treated to magical stage transformations.  In Alice and A Woman of No Importance, by Wilde, the creativity and tech skills of the stage design were mesmerizing. Here, the mad hatter tea table is waiting up in the rafters (fly gallery) to make its entrance, while the stage crew sets the stage for the matinee. Sharing the space, as a repertory company, means that the plays themselves are beautiful, but so is the finely tuned orchestration of sets and props, completely changing over like a colourful game of scenic Tetris; one play moves into the spaces left by another as it is disassembled and tucked away.   my students loved seeing it all come together, going backstage, into wardrobe and below the stage to see the trap doors and effects. 
Lunch was also a highlight in the picturesque old village, with perfect weather! Our first production was a beautifully rendered Wilde play with stunning costumes, set in 1951… But relevant enough to rile up my classes. Our post-show chat with the assistant director let the kids pour out their questions. 

 Between shows, Carlotta’s gelato, dinner with my mum and dad, wood oven pizza and time in the sunshine… Deserve top billing. 

Curiouser and curiouser,… The festival’s new production of Alice wa divisive, but highly original. It has some of the most genius tech I’ve ever seen. Venture down the rabbit hole! You may be quite surprised by how childlike and full of wonder a day of theatre can make you feel.   

Black and Blue – Perfect for Stargazing

Black and Blue

Tomorrow I head to the Shaw Festival (a Canadian Theatre company that specializes in the works of George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries). I will be seeing Peter and the Star Catcher, and Sweet Charity, as well as meandering the small-town streets of Niagara-on-the-lake. Comfort is key, but so is looking dreamy as I let myself be transported. I love a day out at the theatre. Stay tuned for highlights of the day!

Fit Girl Challenge: Day 7


So, the tortilla chips won. It was too much for me. I caved and ate more than a handful; fortunately the guide prepares you for this and advises that if you get off track, the whole day isn’t a write off. Basically, you’re already doing great, so allow yourself some slip ups and congratulate yourself for being human.

The food has been delicious and we’ve overcome some serious hurdles, namely a visit to my parents’ house (in wine country), a trip to the theatre, and a baby shower. Phewf! Success. And we spent last night (by we I mean my amazing wife) getting our food ready for today, day 8, week two.

The past few days have seen no end to my enjoyment of Cherry Pie Fridge Oats. Seriously, yummm.

Cherry Fridge Oats, with fresh Ontario cherries.

Cherry Fridge Oats, with fresh Ontario cherries.

The food we’ve enjoyed has had colour, variety and lots of great textures. Here is a sampling of some of the yummy lunches and dinners.

Pizza Party and Tempeh on the side. I'm LOVING this.

Pizza Party and Tempeh on the side. I’m LOVING this. Mini pizzas with cheese, artichoke and olive, spinach, a side of apple and green peppers.

I joined Allia at work, taking our lunch and dinner for a full day of activites: Film screening in the morning (of Mistress America – very funny and well-written). Herbal tea with a friend. (Hi, Katey!)


We went to browse the books at Indigo/Chapters. Here are some of our faves. There is a lot more time for reading when you don’t have to worry about what’s in your fridge. Now that we spend less time looking in the fridge there is more time a lot of things. wink wink.

At work, Allia got some stuff done while I read a book and drank my water. We ate our delicious lunch on the patio, located on the Much Music Roof.

Downtown Toronto, skyline from the Much Music rooftop garden.

Downtown Toronto, skyline from the Much Music rooftop garden.

Patio picnic.

Patio picnic.

Studio's in Bell's building - E-Talk, The Social and the Marilyn Dennis Show, Breakfast Television - they all film here.

Studios in Bell’s building (the Much Music building) – E-Talk, The Social and the Marilyn Dennis Show, Breakfast Television –  all film here.


The Marilyn Dennis Set.


The empty set.

It was easy enough to travel with our pre-prepared food and to enjoy taking time to eat slowly.

We had a similar approach for the time we spent in Niagara on the Lake with my family. We treated it like a restaurant, choosing protein and grains carefully and eating lots of greens. I had one of my two servings of alcohol for the week in the afternoon, sitting by the pool. How can you come to wine country and not partake? (I can think of a few ways, but that’s not very appealing). Then I gave myself a pass and had a second glass at dinner, before we headed to the theatre to see The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Guide to the Scriptures  at The Shaw Festival http://www.shawfest.com/playbill/the-intelligent-homosexual/story/ . The play, by Tony Kushner, was brilliantly acted and intense. We enjoyed tea at intermission and a stroll in the gardens.

Shaw Festival's IHO (Intelligent Homosexual's Guide...)

Shaw Festival’s IHO (Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide…)

The Shaw is one of Canada's premiere theatre companies and always has a wide variety of beautifully rendered drama.

The Shaw is one of Canada’s premiere theatre companies and always has a wide variety of beautifully rendered drama.

The Shaw gardens are perfect for stretching your legs at intermission.

The Shaw gardens are perfect for stretching your legs at intermission.

This week’s reward was a mani-pedi in a style/colour you don’t usually get. I did my own nails, but chose a shade from my mom’s collection. At the end of week two, we get to treat ourselves to a new workout outfit. I have my eye on Titika’s Dip Crop (which is on sale!), and one of these stylin’ workout tops or bras.

Titika-Tech-2Mar2015-318_large (1)

Dip Crop

Titika Workout Top

Titika Workout Top

Titika Workout Top

Titika Workout Top

Titika Workout Bra

Titika Workout Bra

Titika Workout Bra - not your average sports bra.

Titika Workout Bra – not your average sports bra.

Wish us luck!