Breweries & Thanksgiving 


it’s a tradition when we visit my family that we stop in at our favourite breweries. The locals are friendly to a fault, and the food pairings with a beer flight are fun, fun, fun.    
 A five beer tasting flight: black lager… Guess which one that is

Perfect for sharing as you compare notes: hint of pineapple? Oh, that one has a really smokey flavour. Yup. It’s actually called Smokey and the Bandit. Good job. 

Bottoms up. 

Silversmith is in an old church. Last time we were here some patrons asked us if we were famous. Are you in a band?!

The blackboards keep tabs on the drinks available on tap. And a running list of names shows the love – each person has had a beer bought for them by someone – to be enjoyed on their next visit 

The mixed dozen oysters. 

A delicious fish po’boy … Or what’s left of it 

  Down the road … Oast House. We served their craft beer at our wedding 

 We love their Barn Raiser and Farmhouse Saison  

They had a neat sour – the Biere de Mars 

 Check out the description of the Indie , Hootenanny and pumpkin Country Bumpkin.  

 A message for our friends, who were here with us last time – when we had to hoist up an eleven year old to get ping pong balls out of the rafters.

Live music and a lively crowd. Happy Thanksgiving!


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