cheers to family and giving thanks 


Thanksgiving in Niagara on the Lake is always beautiful.  With our family it’s a tradition to enjoy the best of Niagara’s wineries  to do some tastings.   
First stop, Konzelmann Estates.  
We picked up a tasty Peach wine and some Shiraz. 

Hamminf it up for the camera. My mum and my wife. 

Next stop was at Big Head winery. That deserves its own entry – more on that later, but a huge piece of cheese and 15 wines later – Big Head is one of the best times I’ve ever had out at a tasting.  


And then.. It’s time for a fabulous meal with family. 

Baked Brie and artisanal cheeses. 

 Roasted potatoes 

   Roast beef

 The table set for eight. 


    My grandparents’ carving mirror. 

A full plate. Brussel sprouts. Asparagus. Fennel. Roast beef. Potatoes. Yorkshire pudding. 

 Pulling out the stops with the big reds. 


Pumpkin pie cheesecake (made with tofu) a la mode. 

   With late harvest Riesling. 

Cheers to family and delicious food! 


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