“Selfie” the Opera

Art, Foodie, Indulge

I got an invite to attend a workshop of a new Opera, Selfie. It was a witty, ironic, restrained but powerful performance, about online and text bullying. Inspired by current events that lead, ultimately, to numerous suicides, truly important issues were covered by this work in progress.  

We started our night at Ethiopique for a delicious dinner. 

In the distillery district, Tapestry Opera is housed in the hive of artists, businesses and studios. 

the show: intimate, on book, charming, funny and raw. 

  As a workshop for the piece,  the director and writer were seeking feedback and asked us to offer up our thoughts post-show. 

Loved being part of the process and thinking about how this kind of art will help change our schools and cultural landscape. 



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