Fit Girl Day 3: Definite Cravings and Some Sore Muscles


I sidle by the fridge. I peek into the pantry.

I’m having a really hard time staying away from the half finished bag of chia seed tortilla chips on top of the fridge. The meal plan is satisfying, yes, but my snack habit is hard to break. I had a delicious breakfast of cherry parfait oatmeal. Definitely not tired of that, yet.

Lunch is looming, but so is my desire to eat. I can feel some soreness from yesterday’s hike and glute-focused targeted toning exercises. Drink more water. Ask if you’re hungry or… bored.

I’ve been keeping busy, going through my KonMari purging, very systematically. It happens every year once summer starts. I want to get all my projects done, and I’m super motivated, but part of me also wants to sit on my butt binge-watching Netflix. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

Our pizza party dinner of veggie-pizza was super yummy. Tonight, we have soft corn tortillas with grilled veggies and chicken, black beans, avocado, etc.

To busy myself I’m heading to the gym; off to sell all our old purses, or donate them; planning a clothing swap; re-hanging pictures on the walls; filling holes and touching up paint. Maybe I’ll clean all the baseboards…

Maybe I’ll take up my friend’s offer to go tubing down the Credit River. Wink. Summer is here.


2 thoughts on “Fit Girl Day 3: Definite Cravings and Some Sore Muscles

    1. Unabashed snacker, here. I usually eat constantly and honestly, aside from my very sweet sweet-tooth, I eat pretty well and always have energy. This month-long challenge is going to be a real chance to see how good ‘good shape’ will look if I’m really trying my best. Thanks for great advice!


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