Open Your Heart: Adopt an Animal

Open Letters

Chesterella: A rags-to-riches feline. 

Chester(ella). She used to live under a car, in an alley on Queen Street in Toronto. As a 3 month old kitten, she was brought to me, never having been touched by a person before. After years of building trust, we are besties. I’m her favourite human… and even though you have to work for her love, she is my favourite cat. She is SO fluffy and looks deceptively chubby, but at bath time you can clearly see that she’s petite under all that fur. She sometimes falls asleep with her tongue stuck out. She likes to break into closets. She sharpens her claws on my leather couch.  Everyone has stories about their pets. I don’t need to tell them. If you have pets, you already know.

Animal videos and pictures rule the internet. And people benefit from that. We get hours of procrastination and cuteness.

Today I saw this wonderful post, about people who have adopted the oldest cat they could find at their local shelter:

Consider adopting, if you have room in your heart.

Now, this is her favourite way to relax.

Now, this is her favourite way to relax.


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