Friday Night with Cairo


Heading out tonight to see Cairo’s show, featuring the talented Caitlin Grieve et al. I was lucky enough to have her lend us her expertise on the violin for our wedding and can’t wait to see them take the stage at Lee’s Palace for the album release of “A History of Reasons.”


What do you wear to a pre-party and concert for a band described as “orchestral alt-pop,” that reminds me of a freezing landscape thawing in the sun and stars that come out in fast-forward through time-lapse photography? Something hard and cool, but also warm and sweet, with something that could be mistaken for an icicle or quartz crystal. Check them out, or visit their Facebook:

Calum Slingerland, for writes, “Toeing a line between scintillating pop and subdued folk, the precise rhythm section and reverb-laced guitar work are only made richer by the inclusion of Caitlin Grieve’s violin.” Amen, sister.

So what do you wear to an Icelandic (for the weather) folk-indie-orchestra. A little something like this: warm and whimsical, with a little ‘bleak’ and ‘rugged’.

aaaaa aaaaaaa aa aaaa Tough enough for a rock show, cozy and femmed-up.  What is your go-to outfit for a night show?

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