Do products really work ‘as advertised? First Up: Rimmel

Indulge, style

Over the last little while quite a few ads for foundation and BB creams have caught my eye. Given that ‘skin that looks great’ after a full day of work is my elusive product gap, and my long hours, dirty, dry and poorly lit work environment adds its own challenge, a good foundation is something that an effective ad can really get me salivating over.

But each ad claims, while showcasing a beautiful face, that I’m going to have amazing results. Let’s see.



Georgia May Jagger looks pretty flawless. Rimmel has quite a few products that promise to get me there. I went to the local make-up aisle to check the effectiveness of the goods.

Clean Finish Matte Foundation says I’ll look 100% poreless. The coverage is pretty good (shade 120 ivory is a good match), but the poreless-ness is more hype than fact. My skin looks good, but not ‘perfect.’ The Fix & Perfect Primer seems more about wish-fulfillment than reality, and doesn’t really amplify the product. If I’m using a lightweight foundation, I don’t necessarily want the added step of a whole extra layer in order to make the foundation do what it’s supposed to do. Skip this. The Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation (shade 100 – ivory) has me curious. I have it on the left side of my face and we’ll wait and see if, after going to dance rehearsal for 2 hours tonight I’m still getting the ‘extended perfect finish’. Both sides of my face seem more even, obviously, than pre-foundation, but the Clean Finish seems to smooth the skin while drawing more attention to the fine hairs on my face. Around my eyes I tried the Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer; a little goes a long way and the finish is brightening and even. Of the first three, none stand out as a clear front-runner, but at $7-12 (on sale) they are a cheap everyday-wear make-up. Lastly, my chin got a dab of the Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (Lightweight Shine Control in 100 Ivory). This one felt the best on my skin; it improved the evenness and texture, while also concealing small blemishes and brightening. The matte quality didn’t make skin look cake-y or dull.

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