Spring Fever Dreams

Home Sweet, Indulge

When the weather gets teasingly beautiful, I start to fantasize about throwing open the windows and getting the yard ready to move life outdoors. After a Friday night dinner party, and the end of last week hitting 8 degrees Celsius (which, in Canada, means that people were out on patios) I start to dream; one day, when I grow up (because phrases like that still make sense at 33), I will have an outdoor space that makes me feel like I’m on vacation. A girl can fantasize, right? What landscaping or outdoor living spaces make you salivate? Here’s a peek into my house-porn collection (courtesy of Houzz.com)


A spot to swing, lazily, under the shelter of trees


Lunch and hangouts, ironic signage, and plenty of seating for friends


Whimsical and eclectic with statement indoor features brought outdoors


Covered seating, casual landscaping and lanterns to light the way.


Does it get more luxurious than custom lighting, turquoise water and a swanky area to chill, in your own backyard?


Cozy, and practically a Canadian pre-requisite, a fire pit, lots of greenery and comfortable seating


With a view from indoors, this courtyard keeps luxury front and center, recliners inviting you to take a moment for yourself, perhaps to contemplate ‘how did I get to be so lucky?’


Hip, casual and cool, but cheeky in its effortlessness, this bright spot is just begging for foodie guests and an al-fresco lunch


Again, with the lights, the overhanging architecture and comfy seating. Trying too hard? Hardly.


Truly the space of my dreams. Fair skin protected by custom shade panels and lighting for evening, … perfect view of the pool


This space has the best of all things. Hammock. Fire pit. Seating. Dining area. Greenery. I’m in love.


Sensing a theme? The sitting and dining areas with shade-cover, romantic lighting and water views. I’m pretty sure the cabana has room for guests.


If I, for some reason, found myself in an arid climate, this mod-zen look would keep me house happy.


Vacation vibe? Check. What’s behind curtain number one?


Obviously, every dream home has its own bocci court.



Sweet dreams, folks. Houzz.com is a Pinterest users wet dream.


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