Day 362

Day 362

Day 362 by jc-alison featuring Lanvin


Pile on the trends

Pile on the trends

Tonight we are heading to a show at C’est What, to see Rosie and the Riveters. I’m planning to put into action all the things I keep seeing when I open my browser or a magazine: hats, lace up boots, lace apparel for fall, distinctly lined eyes, … and ponchos. A little bit mod, a little bit Mountie.

Can she do it?! Here come the inspiration pics:

Stay tuned for an update on whether the mission was successful. * Obviously, this is tongue in cheek, because we all know – I dress for myself.

Cottage Bound – Vacation Checklist 2

Cottage Bound - Vacation Checklist 2

What?! Twice in one day? Yes. This is my 87th entry on the ‘new’ blog. Because one page of ‘what to pack for the cottage’ doesn’t quite cut it, here is the other half of the hit list. Please leave room in your suitcase for: jelly shoes (for water walking and wet feet), a peplum top, sunscreen, bug repellent, striped bikini (a soaked suit is never fun to put back on, so bring a spare), lounge wear like a long tunic and drawstring pants, linen pants, and warm layers for night time by the bonfire.

I used to draw my vacation packing lists (no joke), so I would have a record of what I’d taken in case I lost my suitcase, and because it’s fun to draw, and so I could visualize what I wanted to wear before pulling it all out of the neatly arranged bag.

I’m an organizer to the core, but definitely in need of some time away from the city.

What do you consider a must pack for your vacations?

Slouchy tunic
345 CAD –

Free People stripe top
55 CAD –

H M jumper top
20 CAD –

Zara halter neck top
39 CAD –

Black long sleeve t shirt
24 CAD –

H&M zipper pants
51 CAD –

Tory Burch swim bikini bottom
82 CAD –

Mikoh bikini cover up
205 CAD –

Melissa jelly flat
135 CAD –

Kate Spade wallet
16 CAD –

Eugenia Kim woven hat
285 CAD –

Coach logo sunglasses
235 CAD –

Sun Bum sun care
21 CAD –

Turkish beach towel
58 CAD –