Take Over Tuesday


Photo cred: @theangelalewis

It’s not new news to me that my wife is a force of nature; but it seems today that everyone else is getting wise to my long-known-n0n-secret. Today, She Does the City is featuring Allia on their Instagram, as she takes over their feed; today, her vlog and article – about coming out, living proud and being at peace with losing part of her past –  go live on Huffington Post Canada. I’m proud of her, understandably. And she is opening up today about her job, her family and what it’s like to live this life.

She Does The City


If you know her even a fraction as much as I do, it’s impossible not to fall in love with her. Follow her at @buttonsmcleod on Instagram, or check out our baby-making journey right here in WordPress or see her video and article on Huff Post Coming Out As My Father Became A Priest

She’s a light in the dark: Instagram: She Does the City

A Day in the Life – In the snow, from Huffington Post Canada’s headquarters, to after work winding down… here is a peek into her fab life.

9AM: Hey People! I’m Allia McLeod; director, writer, and creative producer with 10 years of experience on my ticket. I’m currently working with Huffington Post Canada, producing their 2017 slate of web series and co-founder of a feminist, lifestyle and humour blog, launching this Summer. Today I’m taking over! Come along on this fantastic ride. Photo cred: @theangelalewis@buttonsmcleod #takeovertuesday

10AM: shedoesthecity At 36, I walked away from a secure, fabulous (as my wife likes to say) job, that wasn’t feeding my creative or activist soul and stepped into the freelance world. This new gig is both scary and exhilarating. Current motto: It’s never too late to do what makes you happy. – @buttonsmcleod#takeovertuesday



4PM BACK TO WORK – on set.  

And by 7PM: WE ARE SO READY TO RECONNECT AND TALK ABOUT OUR DAY OF going to fight a parking ticket (a first for me), my foray into micro-blading, and Allia’s writing debut on HuffPost. Time to cuddle up after making dinner together. 

In the Algarves: day 8 of our Portugal Journey 


After a poolside morning, we went for a morning run. Poor @buttonsmcleod got swarmed by biting flies, or bees, and caught it all on the Go Pro. It was funny, after it stopped being a panic; no one likes being chased by insects along a cliff edge. 

Made ourselves a simple lunch. Turns out that Buttons just had a really wonderful article written about her by Fortnight lingerie, a bespoke lingerie line that makes amazingly beautiful underclothes and does a series of profiles on “leading ladies”. It was such a nice surprise to see it published. You can follow her (@buttonsmcleod) and @fortnightlabel on Instagram. 

We were beach ready and headed into Sagres, stopping to see what was available at Deluxe Surfshop, to check out amazing cliffs and to pick up two girls struggling with their camping gear in the heat at the side of the highway. They came with us to Cape Vincente and then we dropped them at their campground as we headed for the Praia de Belige.


At Praia de Belige we were so psyched to see a cove (cut straight from heaven) lined with cliffs, caves and turquoise water.  

We found our own little spot under an umbrella and read books, played in the waves and lazed the afternoon away. 

At night we ventured into the town of Luz, to the open air market, with Fado being sung and food, drink and sweets being sold left and right.

He told me about the 54 years he had been in the Algarves, working different jobs in a factory, fishing, playing in a band and now playing every day along the beach in Luz. #cleodcar #stylesavie #algarves #luz