What I Wore Today

What I Wore Today


Dragged out affair. Clothes for a night of dress up

Dragged out affair. Clothes for a night of dress up

What are you doing New Year’s Eve? Doing drag makeovers of course. A group of lgbtq folks and allies are coming over for a campy evening of makeup tutorials and makeovers. I will have cocktails and a tickle trunk of dress up items to complete the effect and yea, there will be lip synching … Stay tuned for a recap of the adventure. 

While I frown heavily at the idea of straight people going out as Ms Jenner for Halloween, I am excited to pay tribute and celebrate one of the most vibrant parts of my community and to put the expert tips of you-tubers to good use. If drag techniques can transform true queens … I can’t wait to see what will happen to me. And perhaps round two will see us take on our Drag King personas. 

For more interesting ideas, check out Broadly’s female drag queen video or read Kate Borstein’s Gender Outlaw and Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble. 

Pick Your Own Bouquet

Pick Your Own Bouquet

Wednesday was humid. Just like Tuesday. But armed with a bold pattern and sunny disposition, I put on my sweetest face. I paired a vintage high waist midi skirt of my mother’s, in a deep purple pattern, with a loose fitting ecru blouse, laser-cut ruffles at the neck, tucked primly into the skirt to emphasize the waist; chandelier earrings in teardrop shapes and a rose gold flatform sandal added some sparkle.

Just like my garden, which is planted with great intentions, but mostly left to its own devices… I like my outfits to evolve organically, to suit the mood, the weather and the moment. Each items plays well with others.