Hey, Fifty


Last night, we drove to North York to celebrate our cousin’s 50th birthday. She treated us all to a grand celebration with a live band, Diaspora, that played reggae and classic hits, a formal dinner, speeches and some indoor fireworks.

We waited until we pulled up to put on our final touches. Before and after adding our bling! I happened to have a cutout maxi that is super comfortable and will fit long into the second or third trimester – a perfect solution when you need to be relaxed but dressy. I like a good behind the scenes peek 😉

What a night. I feel so blessed to have family that is a blast to hang out with. Who, while the live band plays, can rock out and sing along, always ready to start the party on the dance floor. Mightiest of happy birthdays to Natasha. She looked like a goddess!

We were sent off with champagne – which Allia will enjoy, and even with a belly that is starting to pop, I lasted well into the night. Sweet dreams xo


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