Otto’s Bier Hall


I love a good gimmick. A costume party, a themed restaurant,… a well-conceived motif. Especially if it’s not just a gimmick. Naturally, I fell head over lederhosen for Otto’s Bier Hall, where the selection of brew is impressive and their long tables gave a nod to the bier markets of Germany and Austria, with a hipster twist of neon tube lights, more than usually stylish servers, five dollar happy hour specials and living plant walls.Photo Credit: google image

I even went with my German friend, who was equally pleased with the selection of currywurst, schnitzel, pretzels and lots of other sharing plates, sides and ‘feasts’ that sound way better when he says them in a German accent.

After a good meal, some brew and a great hangout with friends, a trip to the powder room turns into a highlight … as the gender neutral facilities are also individually equipped with – mystery buttons.

Being the naturally curious gal that I am, it took all of five seconds for me to press the button, when to my delight, the stall was transformed into a blacklight dance party with illustrations on the walls and 15 seconds of music.

Stay tuned for more local gems from the Six, the T.Dot and what we actually just call Toronto. Party on!

Nothing makes me smile more than fun little surprises. Otto’s is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Toronto. Affordable. Tasty. And refreshingly adorable, with friendly staff and it’ll make washing your hands a real party.


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