Portugal, Porto and Aveiro – day 6


We slept in because it was Saturday. Then had a great big breakfast at the hotel and headed over to the other side of the Douro River to pick up some basics at the shopping centre. 

Mishaps galore. From parking stubs getting mixed up, to blood-red burgers .. But gourmet burgers with bacon, cheese … And an egg for good measure. We asked to get it cooked to more of a ‘medium’ and really enjoyed it once it stopped mooing. There is also the fact that I’ve written this entry three times, had it deleted, and …Wordpress for mobile is a disaster. 

At the sky scraper of a shopping mall, we had a clever flirt, in the makeup department, ask us if we “have vertigo?” The pickup line doesn’t work as well when the subjects are struggling to make the linguistic connection between their height and his doe-eyed lash-batting. Sweet though. 

Hours into the day, it was clear we needed a drink; we were en route to our first real destination: Taylor’s to taste Port. 

As my wife, @buttonsmcleod, put it: The highlight of today was – while at a port winery, Taylor’s, sitting in their beautiful garden sampling three ports, we watched …as one of the workers chased a rooster around, trying to get it to stop attacking the peacocks. She yelled “chicken, CHICKEN..!” as she ran.

Taylor’s opens its doors for those looking to sample generous tastings of those various port styles, while enjoying incredible views and the estate. Buttons has been the absolute best, a dreamy (though sassy) travel companion. She kept me from losing my mind while a number of mishaps occurred this morning; bless the woman who can keep me in line,…and smiling. 

From Taylor’s Port, to the whimsical town of Aveiro. Aveiro is full of glazed tile and pays homage at every turn to its fishing village vibe and canals; it is the Venice of Portugal, just a short drive from the city of Porto. Aveiro had unexpected treasures and though we went on a hunch, it was so picturesque and idyllic that we are happy we didn’t miss it. 

Fortunately for us, dinner was also exactly right. A great end to our time in Porto. We just happened to find Mizu – sushi and anti-sushi. 

When you travel, sometimes it’s hit or miss when it comes to restaurants. You leave it to fate (or recommendations from friends, scanning tripadvisor.com/strolling   the neighbourhood to see what looks popular). Tonight was a total hit; a slam dunk if you are using mixed metaphors. Inconspicuous from the street, Mizu sushi restaurant was just what we needed. My wife is very picky about her sushi and Toronto (home) has great Japanese food, so we were thrilled to experience the combination of Portugal’s fresh seafood with a sushi treatment in the expert hands of Mizu’s Sushiman, Anibal. 

The staff was attentive and charming, the portions weren’t large, but they were delicious. Presentation was creative, but tasteful. We had such a great evening, with table wine and whisky that could please the spoiled (but not snooty) palates of two people who have been hitting up wineries on the regular for almost a decade. 

The entire night was lovely and getting to chat with Anibal made it clear how much he loves his art; if you have the chance to taste it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

 Though it is tucked away somewhat, finding it was quite a treat! Thanks for a perfect end to our stay in Porto and Maia. 

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