Lisbon, day 1


Fado music. Night to day, out of order, but still a pretty good capture of day one: we ended with late night Fado music at Esquina de Alfama. So animated and authentic; it was recommended by our host at the final apartment we will stay at when we return; we enjoyed a hot pot of fish and shrimp. Mode of travel: we walked the streets, taking in the sights, over 6 k in total – through bairro alto and Alfama. 

To start we enjoyed tuna salgadinhos and pasteis de natal. 

Our hotel. 

A taverna set in a building from the 1700s. Tried some white port. 

What if God was one of us?

Late lunch at Zero Zero, after the indoor market. 

Where it all began: This is going to be a daily ritual. 


6 thoughts on “Lisbon, day 1

  1. Hi, I’m hoping to celebrate a milestone birthday in Portugal (Lisbon?) next year. Am planning 7-10 day trip with 5 of my best friends (we’re all queer). Any suggestions on how to get started with planning? Lodging? I’d also like to include a day trip to Spain during this time. Any advice you can share would be most appreciated… this would be my very first time outside of the US. Thanks for reading this post.

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    1. Talking to my wife about this, and we both agree that Portugal is a very gay friendly country. Ironically, we went to a nightclub called Trump’s, which was full of fabulously flamboyant gay people. You probably already know that in Europe night clubs don’t even start to get busy until one in the morning. As for flights and hotel we have often found when flying to Europe that looking for a deal where you book your flight and add hotel when you’re booking can get you great deals. We used Expedia and ended up gettinga flight AND the first four nights at an incredible hotel for what we expected to pay for just the flight. So bundling the flight with some hotel is a great start. We rented a car and did Air B and B, and Vacation Rental By Owner for the rest of the nights. If you. Want to hit multiple cities it might be best to rent a car so that you can all fit, you’ll need to look into international drivers licenses, which in Canada only cost us $60. But get yourself a car that will accommodate the number of people plus your suitcases, or make sure that your friends pack small if you’re planning to travel five in a car, or six. Well


    2. Feel free to go back and check out the entries from the trip. I posted every few days after the entry that you found. We downloaded a navigation program that didn’t require any data and used satellite to get around the city. Otherwise we use Wi-Fi when we were in public places that had it, or at our hotel. We could’ve spent 10 days in Lisbon and been very happy. Not sure about how far Spain is from Lisbon. We ended up heading to the south to the Allgarve, which was beautiful and had amazing beaches. In 10 days I wouldn’t try to do more than two cities if you really want to feel comfortable and immerse yourself. Too much driving and switching of hotels can really eat into your time enjoying the city. If you have any specific questions please feel free to reach out and let me know, Lisbon was a total dream and we loved it.


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