Wish List


Tell me what you want, what you really, really want: Something sweet, something I wouldn’t get for myself, something that you love – and want to share. I keep a running tab of things that have caught my eye on Pinterest, which definitely helps when  people are fishing for ideas.   Everyone is doing these ‘lists’. So, as a follow-up to yesterday’s Gift List entry, here is the companion piece: the Wish List. All photo credits and links can be found via my Pinterest page .


I love this hand crafted Grace Designs’ bag, made by a local artist in Toronto. Each piece features vintage textiles from around the globe. gracedesign.ca


A beautiful decanter or cocktail accessories. (mydomaine.com)


More green in my life. I’ve always wanted a fig tree. And textured vessels are so perfect instead of a pot.


If the shoe fits: some party heels. I rarely buy ‘frivolous’ shoes. So having someone treat me to it is always appreciated. Find these babies at WhoWhatWear.com


A gorgeous, swingy dress in a length that makes tights unnecessary. Something from Anthropologie is never a miss for me. The lines they carry are always timeless and the pieces have just enough unexpected detail to keep things interesting.


The gift of time: or a time piece. Offer to do something fun with me! Or wrap up some arm candy. I haven’t had a watch since I was in grade school. But this one is pretty and dainty.


Jewellery boxes with a vintage vibe. I love pretty things to store pretty things. These ones, from Anthropologie, come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


I have these all around the house. Stepping out of bed onto a sheepskin (or faux) rug is a nice way to soften the harsh edge of morning. Ikea.com


Great headphones: the kind that you won’t confuse with someone else’s generic ones. These are great looking and help to brighten your day with the gift of music.


West Elm Vanity Boxes. More great pieces to keep your surfaces streamlined. These boxes in brass and stone are a polished and charming place to store your charms.


More on the theme of trinkets and storage, this beautiful hammered brass tray from Anthropologie is another item that would look perfect on a table top or dresser.


Something practical. Nothing makes me happier than a place for everything and papers are the worst. I would love this sleek, lightweight 2-drawer filing cabinet from Staples. Tucked discreetly beside my glossy white desk, it would keep things looking prim and proper.


Another practical choice, for a dancer: MEC’s Hut Booties – lightweight and great for keeping you warm between warmup and show time… I’ve had my eye on these for a few seasons. They’d also be great for camping, cottaging or regular round the house relaxation!


I love the retro vibe of this wall hanging. Made by the artist behind Rowan Studios, the Toronto designed products are available in their Etsy shop and come in a variety of dip-dyed colours!

Hope you get everything you want and deserve, including rest, peace and time with loved ones!

What’s on your list?




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