Gift List 


Everyone is doing it. Gift Lists. So, here’s mine; just in time (sort of) for the holidays:


Everyone loves a cute stack of tea.



Moccasins are big in my household. When you wear them out, they become cozy, groom-able companions for the cat… or dog. 


Sugar, spice and everything nice: candles are a big pleaser. Opt for soy candles or natural beeswax for less smoke and irritants. I can’t wait to make my house smell like cinnamon and baked goods.


Sheath your weapons in this gorgeous, locally made knife block. Stone, or concrete options are filled with… shishkebab skewers, where you can lodge your steak knives in style. (Made by


Rock Bottom Vessel – Stratus Base, from Heat the base and keep some awesome mulled wine or cider in this puppy. The whole thing can go in the oven. Or use it cold, to serve wine, dressing, juice… whatevs. It’s beautiful!



For the crafter in you: cover a jar in glitter, for storing pretty things prettily, or as a cute bud vase.


Keep those pesky cords tidy. Why don’t I have some of these yet?


Always a great stocking stuffer. Stick one of these in the car, in your purse, your desk drawer, your gym bag. They are delightful.



Ring dish with personalized initials, or ….well, some initials that lots of people have. So cute!


For the GOT fan; Risk  played winter-style. It’s coming. And if this comes to my house, I’ll be psyched!


We all wish there was an easy way to take those great Iphone photos and make them hard-copy. Snap. 


Nice looking noise-cancelling headphones, because work is loud…. and ‘I can’t heaaaaar youuuuu’. 


Project those mini-movies straight from your phone via this projector…. or stream videos from your Netflix. Live large-r!


We all want to make the cocktail everyone raves about. And we are so quietly patriotic all the rest of the time; how about some tasty Canadiana?


Put a lid on it; for all that stuff no one needs to see – in a box you’ll love looking at. Thanks, West Elm!


Spice collections are always a hit with my dad. Unless they don’t like to cook, you are sure to please with this one!


More for the DIY gourmand! Make your own ‘make your own’ sundae kits! Seriously. This is what all the hosts in 2016 will be getting from me.


Sexy/cool necklaces from The Manhattan necklace is pretty damn hot.


I aspire to travel more. Or at least plan to travel more. Even if it’s in my dreams. Here’s a great place to start; travel inspiration for your globetrotting friends. 


And after all that trekking around, give your shoes a good buffing and put a shine on them with a great shoe kit. I never know what to get my brother and since he has great style, but is suuuuper picky, and never fills out a wish-list… this might be right on the money.

Hope your holiday is merry, bright and full of delight. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa!

xo A

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