Friday is Gay Night 


well, not every Friday. Or, in my case not just Friday. For some of us, last night was the first official outing for queer employees…A get together to meet and greet, and build networks of support. Turns out that shared experiences make for fast friendships. 

 We met at Toronto’s D. W. Alexander bar and ate, drank and made merry.   



 Then we collected more fabulous friends at Sambucas for dinner and ended our night at Crews and Tangos (which just so happens to be the first gay bar I ever went to, as a newly minted sixteen year old lesbian, half a lifetime ago). Nothing beats a good drag show and a room full of people belting out Whitney Houston together. 

Cheers queers! Here’s to all the progress of two decades, where new friends, gay and allied (all diverse, but unified by those LGBTQ colours) can all find comfort in great conversations, a glass of something delicious and a whole lot of sequins. 


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