Open Letters

I have a few things I need to admit; secret confessions, if you will…

  1. I use Facebook’s Birthday reminders as a cue to delete people as friends. Instead of going and wishing a happy birthday to them, if I don’t really remember who they are, or accepted a friendship from someone I haven’t spoken to in ages… I just click delete. Sometimes if I feel a little bad about it, I wish them Happy Birthday… then delete them.

2. I get more than usually bothered by people littering and small acts that go against rules people should know… like line-hopping, stealing shopping carts, playing games on your phone at full volume while in public, and people swearing in public where families with children or those who don’t feel like listening to cursing are likely to hear them. There is currently a shopping cart sitting on the curb outside my house. I feel a deep rage each time I drive by it. I fantasize about one day catching these culprits and publicly shaming them, or creating a piece of protest art from the abandoned cart.

3. I love my neighbours, but hate that they have Christmas decorations up from last year, and their yard/front stoop is strewn with no less than twenty-five children’s toys (cars, bikes, hula hoops, buckets), pieces of lawn furniture, fake potted plants, Easter wreaths, shoe racks… seriously. I dream of ways to preserve my sweet relationship with them, while also eliminating the junk pile that is visible every time I go to my own front door.

What irks you? What do you think about that makes you feel just a teensy bit guilty? 


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