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Eggs Benedict on Waffles.

Great food, but the grossest service … ever.

No lie: 25 cents for this TINY soy milk portion.

We were excited for post Halloween breakfast and had been anticipating waffles. We got waffles. Really yummy waffle eggs Benedict. But. The server was so rude that it was almost comical. Blonde top knot and don’t give a crap attitude. She walked by with no eye contact for about ten minutes after we were seated. Appeared with an unimpressed stare table-side and flatly said “ready?” In response to our “good morning. How are you?” It got progressively funnier as we observed her interactions and ‘she’s over it’ demeanour. It was evident enough that all three tables in our vicinity were talking about how awful she was. The other server, Niki, was working hard to make up for it and was frankly, lovely. Blondie was MIA for the last twenty minutes of our visit – nowhere in sight. If the staff didn’t tip pool we would have left zero tip. No point in punishing everyone. And apparently this girl has given her two weeks; do everyone a favour and take her off the schedule.


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