Tove Lo – Queen of the Clouds



You might know her from her radio-popular tracks like “Habits” and “Talking Body”. However, her queen of the clouds tour treated the audience at Sound Academy to a nice long set of sexy, unapologetic tunes that had Tove Lo in full command of her fans. When she said hands up, our hands were up. In her song “Moments” she says what many of us think:

“I’m not the prettiest you’ve ever seen
But I have my moments, I have my moments
Not the flawless one, I’ve never been…
But I have my moments, I have my moments…

But on good days I am charming as f*&k”


There were outfit changes, from a jumpsuit into a sexy, studded bodysuit.

And she was, as her lyrics say,”charming as f*&k.” 

  I was totally smitten by her candour as she explained how she felt last time she came to Toronto, surprised by the warmth of the reception and by how many people, half way across the world, knew her music.


Natural and unpretentious.


We were treated to what I learned is becoming her signature ‘moment’… the boob flash. It came as a total surprise to me, but the crowd went completely insane as she gave us a gratuitous 2 seconds of her beautiful breasts. Then continued on … like it was no big deal. And it wasn’t. She speaks in interviews with the press about why she started and continued to include a little skin in her show.

If you are going to use nudity, there is no better way that a strategic 2- second (max) flash of nipple (#freethenipple) at the climax of your song ‘Talking Body’ – while you defiantly peel down the straps of your blinged-out bodysuit.


Obviously this is a photo from a previous show, because obviously I was watching the show, not standing with my hands over my head blocking people’s view with my phone.

Tove Lo Explains Why She Won’t Stop Flashing the Crowd

I love a good feminist protest, and her performance was perfect parts bold, powerful and adorable. She had the crowd crouched down, jumping up, waving, hushed, belting it out and throwing heart signs. Awww. If you read the comments on her explanation, you invariably get a bunch of dudes (sorry, dudes) decrying this action as ‘un-feminist’… but isn’t feminist precisely about the right to CHOOSE what you do with your body?

Back to Tove Lo…


She also melted my heart with a super cheesy, One Direction-style heart-hand shout out. The crowd responded with big love. How cute, I think, as I make a face in response to this dorky but endearing gesture. She can get away with it.


Cause when she belts it out, she is powerful and dominating.


Big Lights. Grand Finale.

She sounded as amazing live as she does on her album. Impressive.

After the show there was a crush of people, waiting for taxis and trying to funnel (unsuccessfully) out of the single lane exit of the only venue parking lot. After about 5 minutes of moving NOT AT ALL we opted to turn the car off, except for the stereo, and got out to hula hoop. I just happened to have 12 hula hoops in the car because I had brought them in to do a fun physical warmup with my class this morning.  

Five girls, a bunch of hoops, a crowd pumped up and primed from the concert, the Toronto skyline in the back ground: this caused a flurry of cell phone videos, none of which I could easily locate, and other people began getting out of their cars to ask if they could join.

 It was definitely the perfect way to end an already amazing night!


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