Support Local. Move Your Body And Eat Well, Too.


I started this morning started off by drinking a huge glass of water. Usually, time is of the essence, so I’m moving towards leaving the house rather than waking up my system lovingly.

Today my wife convinced me to partake of her morning routine – a 40 minute Yoga session. Right here in our living room. Usually she starts her days this way, then makes her way to work, while I caffeinate myself into my usual peppy self and go straight to a day on my feet, non-stop.

What a lovely way to wake-up. The yoga, I mean. I used to do this all the time (my summer routine). I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

Also on our summer-is-almost-here list: a visit to Cristan Farms – a local farm that has a roadside stand. They sell all the produce straight from the fields and only have what is in season. Summer is here, officially, almost-officially.


Cristan Farms on Winston Churchill Boulevard.

I’m not one to get excited over an onion, but seriously, their white onions are worth blogging about. And it’s definitely worth getting excited about food that was grown a meter from where you buy it, and being able to put money in the hands of local farmers directly.

Happy Summer!


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