Rear View: Flirting with the new shapes of Spring


“I love to watch you walk away,” I say to no one. Especially not to a pair of pants that makes my butt look great.

Sit down and stay awhile, I’d plead.

But… I’m torn between two loves. The high waisted skinny and the flared cropped trouser. Fashion, fortunately, requires no fidelity.


The contenders: skinny acid wash with an ankle crop.

images (1)

The contenders: cropped cullottes in a sweet print.

This season’s silhouette has a whole lot of variety on offer. Obviously these below zero temperatures, on April 1st no less (in Canada), have unfairly teased those of us who are waiting (impatiently) to bust out our open-toed shoes and some of the ankle-baring pants in our closets.

A great pair of jeans with a sky-high waistline, heels and a cute top means sitting on patios, not a whale tail in sight; never sticking to a hot chair or car seat; sitting however you please, and having your cake (too).


Just a peek of skin and a pant that plays as well with a tank and blazer, as it does with a tunic.

How could I resist you?

But, here comes my new crush; hello, variation-of-the-trouser. I haven’t really noticed you since we had that falling out in the nineties, or for that brief moment when we flirted with the idea of ‘trousers’ for work, realizing (thank god) that the lax dress-code means pretty dresses and jeans are my steady. You are so much softer than before. So much less ironing and starch. Cut so much more flatteringly!


Tied with a bow. A gift, really.

I am smitten. High-waists are definitely on my list, but hemlines and cut are all over the map. I recently purchased a pair of flowy, wide-leg and high waisted trousers, with pleats and an ankle-length hem. With flats they will skim the floor, looking summery with a hat and gladiators, a tank tucked in, and lots of jewelry. With heels, we could go anywhere. As long as there isn’t a lot of walking.

Trousers, culottes and crops, I’ve been waiting for you. Sit down and stay a while.


Light and bright. Simply chic.


More subdued and boxy. Man-repelling? Muwah.


Canadian-tuxedo, done right for summer.


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