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Newly minted website, No Woo Woo ( features the scathing, witty commentary of Bronwen Keyes-Bevan, a Toronto-based writer and filmmaker. Her recent article about the feeding frenzy on the red carpets, in particular – the impact on those who are breast-feeding, perfectly sums up what I’d want to say on the subject. For a great read, that calls out the complimentary way we backhand women (in general), by complimenting individual women’s ability to ‘bounce-back’ from pregnancy, check out her full article:

I also love the Elle interviews that she cites, where male celebs are put through the same inane series of questions that women hoop-jump through regarding their pre-event prep routines and clothing choices:  (  ).

No Woo Woo is full of on-point observations and includes some excellent links to support the views on offer, including the Onion’s mock report about jumpsuits on the red carpet to help people focus on the talent, not the tail.

Thanks, Bronwen, for keeping it real and sharpening our focus.

The Onion's fake news.

The Onion’s fake news.

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