Mom and Babe

Motherhood has bested me. I don’t know where mommy bloggers find the time to keep up daily or even weekly posts!

Accordingly, I’ve let my premium account lapse, so I don’t really know tbh what that will look like for the site. You’ll still find me at

Now my days are filled with routines, lots of feeding and naps, and so many ups and downs. It has all been a bit of a blur; Mexico, Jamaica, Niagara-on-the-Lake; mommy classes, swimming and park hangouts, playdates; and a bit of time for writing…

I’m being published in this beautiful collection by The Vault, entitled On Mothering.


The work includes writing from 20 contributors, Illustrated by Wenting Li.

“In this 94-page collection of honest stories and full-colour visual art, 22 contributors tackle their feelings about the most universal of human experiences: the balancing act of caring for someone else without losing yourself in the process.

The term “mother” conjures different associations depending on our own personal experiences, our cultures, and our desires. We need to consider what care means in our communities, and the value that we ascribe to it.

The stories in this collection are for and by mothers, future mothers, but also atypical caregivers like doulas and pet moms. It is for anyone who has ever had a mother; for parents who have birthed or raised children; for anyone who has ever questioned their relationship to care, emotional labour, or sacrifice in the name of love.”

That’s what I’ve been up to. Very much looking forward to the launch party this Wednesday. If you are local, come check it out, July 11 in Toronto. You can subscribe digitally, to help support the kind of art you want to see, created by diverse contributors, at The Vault.

Let me know, in the comments below, if there are entries and topics you’d like to see covered here. I love a good prompt.