Thanksgiving is for Family … and tongue in cheek pop culture references.¬†

Foodie, Indulge

I love holidays with my family, especially ones involving great food and wine. 

Fortunately for us lucky Canucks, our holiday this Thanksgiving was spent in Niagara on the lake. At Trius winery, we took a tour of the Vineyard on their special “Walking Red” tour, which paired four different, delicious red wines, including a Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and their outstanding blend, called the Trius Red – with four mouthwatering amuse Bouches. 

The barrel is labelled to indicate whether it is French or American oak, and what year the barrel was first put into use. After five years they are rotated out and replaced. Below is a picture of the tasting room, on our barrel room tour; in the champagne seller the walls are 17 feet deep and stacked with thousands of bottles of sparkling wine (which can’t be called champagne due to region propriety, though it is made in the champagne style).  

They even have their own winery kittens scampering about the premises   The icing on the proverbial cake was getting to take my soon-to-be sister-in-law wedding dress shopping! If you celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, I hope it was spent in the warmth and love of family and friends! 

To my American friends, I have to ask, was that a debate as painful to watch for you as it was for us? 

Day 5 in Portugal РDouro Valley and the Port by Moonlight 


Our journey to the Douro valley started out simply enough. Until we came to a dead stop on a vertiginous cliff side road, just wide enough for two cars to scrape past each other, because there was road work going on. 

After a terrifying six point turn, when the road crew told us there was no way around and our GPS provided no alternate routes, … This is us following two of the men who hopped into their car and led us to where we needed to be. That’s just how it is here… Human kindness. 

We arrived for a tour and four course lunch at Quinta Nova winery and the rest of the day was beautiful and breathtaking. 

We spent the whole day in Douro Valley and then night time was all about Porto and the waterfront. And pizza. And the most flavourful caprese salad. 

Best travel tip so far: pack enough shoes that you can change it up and give your feet a break from wearing one pair too long. 

See you tomorrow!