Music video shoot for Katey Morley’s “Noah”


Very excited to have been part of this amazing project. Stay tuned for the final cut!! Behind the scenes and ready to take off the mask. 

The day was smooth sailing, great lighting, masks and beautiful music. 

See you soon for the big reveal!


Now and Then: Album Launch


Katey Morley is a force. Small, but mighty (a cliched phrase, typically, but she is not typical in the least). I first met her when I was working in a Vespa shop. Our eyes locked and we became fast friends. She has since entertained at her piano, behind the microphone, everywhere from the Rose Water Supper Club to regular gigs across Toronto venues. Or maybe, like other Torontonians I know, she dj’d her way into your heart, or crept in with the striking visuals of artistry (because she doesn’t just sing, play and spin, she is an incredible visual and ceramic artist). Katey has also brought innovation to the Toronto design scene. It’s official; she has a hand in so many exciting projects that she might be an octopus, hiding in the pint-sized body of a transportingly sensual, powerful musician.


Katey Morley. Live at The Piston, Toronto. Photo courtesy of Kelly G Kelly

At the album launch for Now and Then she released a series of new tracks (Now) and some of her most iconic tracks from the past (Then). Her voice is beyond describing. So I won’t. Just go check her out at

She is someone whose music straddles so many genres, from folk, to indie, to country, to jazz and blues. At times she reminds me of the big sounds of belters like Florence Welch, while at others there is an understated sweetness, powered by raw emotion, like Feist. All poured out with warm honeyed-sound and something familiar, buttery and cinnamon spiced.


Live at The Piston, Toronto. Photo courtesy of Kelly G Kelly

All this is to say, that I’m thrilled to have my own copy of her album on my Itunes playlist, and on vinyl. Give it a listen. Then listen again. You won’t be sorry.


Eve and Gwen: See an icon, or two! Summer to-do: day 31


  We are both longtime fans of Ms Stefani and seeing her with Eve as her opener held the promise of live versions of their decade old collaborations. We were not disappointed.  Gwen Stefani held thousands rapt and eager for more at Toronto’s Molson Amphitheatre. All views, whether lawn or seating, were powerful and the pop (formerly punk) princess was regal as ever.    

    Rich Girl was a highlight and I surprised myself ( and Allia) by knowing all the lyrics to Eve’s rap breakdown. 

   Stefani’s candour and gratitude to her fans was charming and sincere, hinting at how much her career has helped get her back to a place in the sun and onto her feet after quite a dark year; maybe this is part of her appeal- she may have it all, but man,  she has been through the ringer, clawed her way back and, as she always has, proved she is still a business woman, an artist, a brand in her own right, and she is still, thirty years into her career able to put on a killer show../ and she can hustle. 

It was also wonderful to see Eve step back into the spotlight. What a great duo to share stager one.  I can’t believe how many songs of theirs I know, and how many have been part of my own journey. 

  Shake your tambourine!   

  Always lovely: At Toronto concerts, you are as likely to see cuddly queer couples as you are to see straight folks, all snuggled and sprawled amidst families and groups of friends on picnic blankets. At left: a hugging pair of punk rock gay boys who clearly came out to support E. V. E.      

 Show footage

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Modern Space 


Fun, fun, fun: at the release party for the band “Modern Space” whose EP is coming out… now! They remind me a bit of Tokyo Police Club, swingy, punchy and youthful, with great beats and catchy bass lines. A cute, grungy gang of men dressed in a motley bunch of offhand outfits that could easily have been pulled from a drama teacher’s closet and a hipster/dive bar, mashed together. The event had freely flowing beer courtesy of Beau’s. MMmmm Lug. Tread. Hosted by Nuvango, the crowd was smattered with their signature bold prints and graphic leggings, which Nuvango is known for (all prints in their line are sourced and give credit to the actual artists for the use of their images). The space also hosts art openings in their gallery space, which has also found itself reinterpreted as a one-0ff yoga studio and, now, a concert venue. Also important: their leggings are SO comfortable, and incredibly well-made. See them (below). I love them. Fan. For sure.

It was worth going out on a weeknight for a dip into the random fun of being young, or at least feeling a little younger for some hours.  Talking to strangers is always a good time at Nuvango. Especially when those folks are strange already-friends. Below, some featured art from Jake Sherman’s “I’m New Here” series.
  My favourites: pink flamingo style.

Checking out the newest line of straight-from-the-runway items, soon to be available at Nuvango’s Queen Street storefront. Art. My lady love. The band. And the shadows.

Modern Space – Release Party.

Some rough clips. Cheers to live music, great art work and weeknights.

Modern Space, Live at Nuvango

Modern Space 2