Trinity bellwoods flea And the rage room

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What a great way to spend the day, having a brunch with our wedding photographer to pick final albums,  at  Toronto’s The Northwood. Then we headed to the Trinity Bellwoods Flea – a mix of food and handmade items, hosted in a variety of venues while the weather is a little chilly, until it makes its way back to the name-sake park – Trinity Bellwoods. We enjoyed oysters from ‘Island Oysters’ – guided skillfully by the founder of this niche company.


We also checked out the handmade jewellery by Laborde. Loved the weight of these chains, especially the ones made from re-purposed brass watch links
I love being able to window shop, while my oysters get shucked. The coziness of the market means you have everything at your fingertips (plus a bar with signature cocktails like spiced cider, bellinis and other yummies). As always, we were out to support YYZ Imports.

Picked up some quirky plates at Lousongmade. Who can resist a delicate saucer with a saucy saying? “La-di-fucking da!” or “Smash the Patriarchy” or “Fuck that shit”. Or, that yellow edged plate (below) with a sweet little bird, chirping “Don’t be a tit.”

Finishing off with some homemade soup, organic and vegan options available in mason jars and hot sauces (great for hostess gifts) on our way out the door (N0.7 hotsauce!)

Leather and wool coat, burgundy tunic, bralette and White Feather Designs enamel necklace. Check out more of Bre’s gorgeous work at her website. Next we went for daily soup at a friends place. He has started up an intriguing tradition of having open doors on weekends with noon, 2 pm and 4 pm drop in times to share a meal with folks. He invites couples, singles, people and tells them when to show up. The pot of soup starts at the beginning of the day and feeds the community of friends who arrive. He and his partner sit and chat, eating a little with each new group and getting to know people. Genius. We ended up talking about the Anglican church, gay pride, repealing the buggery laws in Jamaica, documentaries and lecturing at Canadian universities. We may need to start a daily soup of our own!

We ended up, next, at a surprise for me; I sprained my ankle the day before my birthday and apparently said, ‘I just want to break some shit’. Wish granted. I was taken to a rage room, where we blasted some Eminem and 90s tunes, while armed with a crow bar and baseball bats, against a variety of foe – a horse statuette, some large bottles, ashtrays, china and… my favourite, two printers. All my tech-angst was released. It’s way more fun than you’d guess. I recommend the ‘couples package’ from Battlesports Inc. Here

 This is apparently great for recently broken up or divorced folks. 

Suited up. 

In flight. 

 The debris.  

Almost last… we had an impromptu dinner at Stazione Central. Delicious Italian fare.

Then we went to celebrate a friends new Canadian citizenship…. a perfect day!