Sale-ing Away


Amidst my supremely unsatisfying stack of exams to mark, I escaped for a mini-vacation to the land of Anthroplogie-Sale-Rack. Here are the wonderful pieces that are just a fraction more accessible thanks to their declining price tags. I may just treat myself to an item to reward myself for reading over a thousand frantically scrawled pages of teenage handwriting.

4130089170142_041_b.jpg  Liet Shirtdress

4130317993784_041_b.jpgPutomayo Shift

4130320851088_014_b.jpg Orto Silk Maxi: still a soaring price, but so very, very pretty.

4130204596699_067_b.jpg Nona Silk Tunic: also way up there in price. But don’t you just love these big blooms?

4130204585555_023_b.jpg Bera Mockneck Dress – under $100.

4130221641023_009_b.jpg Lourdes Swing Dress (under $100)

4130069694242_069_b.jpg Chava Maxi (Under $100)

4130339182782_009_b.jpg Ludlow Dress (under $100)

4130089867993_011_b.jpg Lanka Tunic Dress

4130019031919_009_b.jpg Floral Fields Dress (under $100)

4130265408459_067_b.jpg Nora Swing Dress (in blue and blush options, $49.99)

Or maybe I just want to look as radiant and gorgeous as all these models. Either way. One of these dresses should be mine.