Pen Pals: Rifle PaperCo. – A Fashion Love Letter

Love, style

While organizing the basement I came across a box with the label “Letters From My Love”. It contains all the correspondence between my grandmother and grandfather during WWII. Unfolding the yellowed paper and seeing their words to one another on the page is real romance, right before my eyes.

I am a sucker for a good romance. Whether it’s “The Notebook” or a Rifle Paper Co. patterned dress, in the same print as the notebook that my wife and I used as a guestbook and then as the ‘Year One Of Our Marriage’ journal… a little flowers never hurt, to add a touch of rose-hued nostalgia to the scene. I was thrilled when I found a Rifle Paper Co. dress in exactly the pattern of our notebook. I plan to wear it with a sweetly patterned coral, cap sleeve cardigan, a carousel necklace (from yyzimports.ca, pictured above) and a vintage piece of my Nana’s, costume jewellery at its finest. I will be in bloom – and loving it.


Rifle Paper Co.


The Dress. Rifle Paper Co.


A sweet vignette; I imagine that this is what life looks like in a sweetly patterned dress.


It is. Truly.