Charmed Aroma … A Less than Stellar Ring Reveal


4cwdmBgrS2ugvudKNwf4_PineApple2.jpgFirst question: is there a crown in this picture? Second, have you heard the phrase: when you assume, you make an ass of u and me?

I was pretty psyched to have an adult gumball machine/Christmas cracker experience where I imagined that an overpriced candle might yield a shiny grownup sparkly bauble… I knew it could happen. The first time I ever saw one of these rings was when I, a woman who DOES NOT NOTICE blingy jewellery, saw it sparkling on the digit of an acquaintance. She explained its origin, then I promptly went home to order myself a fancy lady candle. But not just any candle; I carefully scanned the pictures to make sure I didn’t get one of the cheesy ‘heart’ or ‘bow’ … or ‘princess crown’-yielding ones. I knew I would wear a costume-y classic, but not (no offence if it’s your thing), definitely not a crown.

I faithfully burned my pineapple, patiently waiting for the little silver packet to emerge. What do you bet I got?


And… I don’t even care that it was worth $150.

So, here’s my sad customer email:

Hi there,

I specifically ordered the Pineapple candle, because (based on the images on your website) it was one of the only candles that didn’t have ‘crown,’ ‘heart’ or other whimsically shaped ring, nor coloured stone items. However, the ring in my candle is a crown shape. I paid more for a pineapple-shaped candle, rather than the less expensive glass ones, and obviously I assumed that the content would be reflected in the images on your site. To be clear, I don’t care about the value of the ring; I would just never wear a crown ‘princess’ ring and, sadly, what I was hoping not to get is exactly what I received.

Is there a site for selling or exchanging rings that are unwanted?

I was so excited to post my ‘reveal video,’ which you encourage on your site… but unfortunately I don’t think my reaction is quite what Charmed Aroma is looking for. At minimum, I’d love to just request (to whoever does your marketing) that your images on the site accurately reflect what is IN the candle pictured beside the items. The surprise should be the value and design (of the options pictured), not a completely different style of ring than what is advertised.

Thank you for your consideration.

Pineapple bomb dropped.



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