Shannon Passero – style and heart


Over the Christmas break, my mom encouraged my wife and I to check out a store owned by a woman who is as inspiring as her store is beautiful. Not only does Shannon Passero feature original clothing lines by the designer herself, but she includes beautiful imported goods, luxury local edibles, and art gallery space for local talent; what really struck me, on top of the beautifully curated collection, is that Ms. Passero regularly offers grants in support of female designers. Giving back to the community and helping to mentor up and coming female artisans/artists/designers sets a precedent for a successful businesses; supporting local and growing local talent is something I can get behind.

Take a look at the beautiful wares and confections on offer.  Located in Thorold, Ontario, The Post Office is quite literally in an old post office building and blends the vibe of anthropology with the one of a kind art and craft show.

We are so excited to decorate our tree next year with the beautiful hand-painted globes from Thailand, and embroidered, beaded elephants and hearts in an array of festive colors. We will definitely be back in the New year, in search of sweet gifts.

Is there a store in your area that you can’t resist, or a business owner is contributing to your community? Let me know in the comments!


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