Jingle Ball North


Life is looking pretty rosy – with the usual wind-up to Chritmas and everything getting chillier and warmer simultaneously. To help ramp up, i have a festive weekend planned: Friday is Jingle Ball North, Toronto’s first foray into the jingle Ball spirit; and Saturday will be spent at the one-of-a-kind show in Toronto, helping my dear friend at White Feather Designs.

It’s a perfect date night, especially when your wife gets free tickets and you get the call at noon. Last night was a fun lineup of international and local talent, with Canadian media hosts and lots of acreaming teens. Start with some Niall Horan (I was only certain that it was him because the girls behind us were screaming his name, since the rest of his One Direction crew were absent).

Liz Trinear was in fine form (above), and then we were treated to the incredible vocals of pint sized powerhouse Alessia Cara, out homegrown heroine of alt-confessional-blues-pop. 

Then Hedley performed. I have always wondered who Hedley fans are… and tonight I found out. He certainly put on a charming performance and was repaid tenfold with hysterical GTA fan shrieks. I think my mom is the only person I know who is excited that I’m seeing this guy… her text was, “oh my God, I love Hedley!” I know, mom, I know. So cute. He can definitely sing! 

Next up was the Chainsmokerz – I was puzzled by how many of their songs I actually know, and the pyrotechnics, state shenanigans and presence pretty impressive, despite the fact that I am mystified by their ridiculous lyrics about pulling the sheets off of a stolen mattress from Boulder… 

The stage was quite literally on fire. 

And the lady in front of us, I spent most of the show talking and gesturing emphatically to the man beside her seemed beside herself over this DJ duo. 
Obviously, my favourite was the closer, the Weeknd. He was all smoothness and swagger. Which can only be topped by this TV personality, with his dimples and perfect teeth, offering to be a baby daddy for any ladies in the crowd who were looking. Even though I find it hard to deny that this was a compelling offer – I wonder if he be willing to father some gorgeous interracial lesbian babies

That is literally him offering. What a great start to the #weeknd. #jingleballnorth 

How are you gearing up for the holidays?


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