Dress up time is the right time!


When I was little, I dreamed of being an adult, because Mr. Dressup was a grown-up and he had a tickle trunk. Halloween is a time of year when the more parties there are, the happier I am. While other folks might get stuck, thinking “what should I wear?” I am all about “what will I wear tonight… ” or “Which of these will I wear tonight? ”

As a child, I was always encouraged to be expressive. Fortunately for me, no one ever told me that should stop. I’m lucky to say that I’m fully supported in my habit, and my penchant for costumes, from formal parties to themed extravaganzas, from dance to theater, from spooky to sexy, has made me the lucky recipient of many friends’ cast off’s. 

I’m also very lucky that I married someone who is just as into this whole thing as I am. Witness Prince resurrected. 
Being able to costume a small army is a point of pride. So before the day itself is here and gone, I wish you inspiration and a whole lot of fun. Happy Halloween and feel free to share those spooky costumes, or the sexy ones, funny ones, and especially the pop culture references! 

Next year I’m already fantasizing about some Kim and Kanye, beetlejuice and an elaborate sharknado.


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