Second Day in Portugal: Lesbians in Lisbon 


It has been total bliss here, and I can’t believe how much we have done in just two days. 

It’s a bit of a joke that our angle is ‘gay’ … Especially when my wife tried to update her family that we are in Lisbon, which autocorrected: 

Day two highlights:

  • Drinking ginjinha
  • Walking to the harbour and seeing gorgeous streetscapes
  • Local artisanal beer at Lisboa Vadia
  • Trekking up to Castelo Sao Jorge, drinking wine while looking at panoramic views of Lisbon 
  • Eating meat and cheese plates at the Belmonte, an artsy hotel up on the hillside
  • Strawberry cheesecake gelato
  • Lounging at the hotel pool in the rooftop and using the hotel spa 
  • Going to Rodas for a feast of traditional Portuguese food, late night 


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